100-Year Old Artist Inspires Community 

    Art show on August 25th at Revel in Eagle 

    Story and Photos by Tia Crabtree  

    Wow, Jeanne Ambrose’s journey as a local artist and the way she used her beautiful artwork to start a ministry is truly inspiring. Her dedication to her craft and the support she offers to her community is remarkable, especially considering the challenging circumstances she faced with her husband’s Alzheimer’s. Her oil-on-canvas creations are diverse and skillfully done, ranging from birds and landscapes to barn houses and flowers. Turning 100 in September is a significant milestone, and one to be admired. 

    Jeanne’s story is a testament to the power of art and human connection. Even though she might not fully realize the impact of her work, her Christmas list’s growth and the popularity of her artwork on cards show how much her creations mean to others. Her ability to offer hope and inspiration through her art, especially during challenging times, is a beautiful way of touching people’s lives. It’s incredible how she began her artistic journey at 85 and found solace in creativity while dealing with her husband’s illness. Her humility and dedication shine through in her story. “An art teacher in Temecula, where I lived in Independent Living, thought that I should paint to divert my attention to something other than my husband’s illness” informs Jeanne. 

    Jeanne Ambrose will be part of the art show at Revel on August 25th in Eagle from 6pm to 8pm. Events like these that showcase the talents of senior artists highlight the creativity and vitality that can thrive across generations. The art show’s open nature offers the community a chance to appreciate the artistic contributions of individuals like Jeanne, showcasing the incredible things the older generation can achieve. It’s inspiring to see their talents being celebrated in this way.   

    Revel will feature several senior artists, including Rosemary, watercolor medium and Elizabeth, photography medium.

    For more information: Call Valerie Franklin at Revel Eagle or email her.








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