Farm Animals of Eagle


By Fay Castronova

Grace is a young fifteen-year-old girl located in Eagle, Idaho. She has dreams far beyond the average teen. She plans to one day have her very own animal farm, with all the farm animals one can think of! Grace recently moved to Eagle, Idaho in July 2020 and has loved exploring all that Eagle has to offer. Grace has always loved animals, but farm animals are her cup of tea. Just like most of us, Grace was stuck inside all day bored during the pandemic. One hot summer day in late July she decided to bike around town and explore for any new exciting things she hadn’t seen yet. As she was biking, the strong aroma of hay caught her attention. She stopped her bike and saw a cow staring right at her. Grace felt as if the cow was posing for her, so she walked up to him and snapped a photo. She couldn’t stop taking photos of the cow because he just seemed so happy. At that moment, she knew her true passion was farm animals and photography. By combining both the things she loved it flourished into an idea to start taking photos of farm animals while she’s biking around town. Her goal is to always find a new animal everyday and capture their very essence. Grace said the animals come right up to her when she goes up to the fences, and that’s her favorite part. Her main goal is to try and take photos of the animal’s individual personality. In Grace’s eyes, all animals have their own unique personality and her photos represent that. Grace’s favorite animals so far are goats, ducks, and cows. Her love for new animals grows every day. After all, they’re all so photogenic so it’s hard to pick just one favorite!

Instagram Handle: ruff_meow_moo








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