Barber to Boise

    October 17, 2015 @ 9:30 am
    Barber Park
    4049 South Eckert Road
    Boise, ID 83716

    10k – Point-to-Point

    Starts inside Barber Park, looping around back parking lot, past kiosk towards park entran/exit. Merge onto greenbelt and cross river on pedestrian bridge. Turn left on greenbelt towards Marianne Williams Park. Follow greenbelt through Marriane Williams Park, crossing under Parkcenter bridge. Merge onto greenbelt below Warm Springs Ave towards golf course. Follow greenbelt through Warm Springs golf course, turning left at the west en of course and crossing river via Orange Bridge. Right off of bridge on south side of river, following greenbelt to BSU. Turn left at Caven Williams into parking lot and head to the finish!

    5k – Loop

    Fast, Fast, Fast! Starting near Caven Williams at Bronco Stadium. Run west on greenbelt to Ann Morrison. Tun left into parking lot just past play ground, follow markers leading you back to Royal (main road in park) back past the play ground. Merge back greenbelt near park offices and run east on greenbelt towards BSU. Turn at Caven Williams and head to the finish!


    Strollers – you can participate with your stroller. We ask you to start at a place in the group which will not create an obstacle or endanger other participants and that you take extra cautions coming into the stadium and while going around the track.
    Dogs – The little fuzzy critters will not be allowed. Due to permitting requirements outlined by Central District Health Department (No animals allowed in an area where food is being prepared or served) we can not allow dogs or any other animals other than service dogs. Please be advised that friends and family who bring a dog with them as spectators will be required to be outside of the areas used for serving and eating food. NO dogs allowed inside of Bronco Stadium.