Eagle’s Best Kept Dining Secret

Why Coyne’s restaurant truly is a project of love

By Tara Marie

Gentle heat from the outdoor dining area fireplace warms my back as I sit back in my chair, sip my Peanut Butter Chocolate Coffee and watch rain drops ripple the surface of the serene pond across the street. I look around and admire the Frank Lloyd inspired architecture which comes across both modern and warm, a rare combination. I have just finished visiting with Kevin, the owner of this new restaurant in Eagle and begin to think I may have just discovered one of the valley’s best kept dining secrets. Coyne’s, a family name chosen as an in an Ode to Kevin’s mother and uncle Bill, opened on March 16th, 2020. Kevin also owns the Bardenay establishment which is recognized with wide enthusiasm throughout the Treasure Valley. Kevin recalls how they had to shut Coyne’s down just one day after their opening due to the pandemic. He describes how they managed to pull through that challenging time and shares how the forced shift to a temporary carry-out dining model turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it gave the team extra time to train and connect with their new staff, become more familiar with the menu and fine tune the daily operation processes. I admire his optimism, a driving quality in the ability of any establishment to weather the unpredictable storms of modern life.

As our conversation continues I am further impressed when I learn that Coyne’s is an employee owned company (EOC), I am intrigued by the concept. I ask Kevin what it was that moved him to opt for this business model, he replies, “I am not going to be around forever, this will allow my employees to continue the franchise as long as they have the desire to do so, whether I am here or not.” Kevin admits that while it is a bit more complicated to set up this type of company ownership, he hopes the long term reward for his employees will be worth the extra effort. I am beginning to understand why the energy here is so positive and welcoming, these team members here are personally invested in the success of their place of work. “Brilliant”, I think to myself.

After my visit with Kevin I pour over the breakfast/brunch menu trying to decide which of the mouth watering entrees I will try first. My lovely, charismatic waitress, Karissa, does not seem at all rushed as she shares her personal favorites and makes thoughtful recommendations based on my personal preferences. I am surprised to learn she has only been here three weeks, she has clearly been well trained. I also visit with one of the managers, David, who has been in the industry 15 years. Kevin tells me this is the best establishment he has ever worked for, I can feel his passion for the work he does. He talks about the importance of all employees having a positive attitude as they facilitate seamless service and a rich dining experience for all who come to visit. Kevin does not feel like a cog on a wheel here at Coyne’s, but a valuable contributor and impassioned investor in his place of work.

As I slowly awaken from my full sensory indulged experience I scan over the menu one last time to make note of what I will order at my next visit. This time a section of the menu catches my eye and I am drawn to read what turns out to be their mission statement: “Coyne’s Restaurant is a Project of Love-The Coyne’s experience provides the space to put down the phone and make real connections. Our commitment is to create the environment and meals to liven the spirits and enrich the senses.  Coyne’s is more than a restauraunt-it is an emblem of a lifetime love of food, good company and meaningful connections.” Mission accomplished, I think to myself, as I gather my belongings with a buoyant heart and gratified stomach.

Perhaps I will see you there next week?  Shhh, it’s a secret.

676 E Riverside Dr, Eagle, ID 83616

20 person private dining room available by reservation
Opens at 11am Monday-Friday
Opens at 10am Saturday and Sunday
Closes at 9pm Sunday-Thursday
Closes at 10pm Friday and Saturday








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