Eagle First with Jason Pierce

Respectful, Reasonable, and Responsible Leadership

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Emma Thompson

Community is such an integral part of what makes Eagle a desirable and sought-after location to raise a family, build a business, and connect with other citizens. Growth, infrastructure, and education are some of the hot-button topics during this mayoral election. Eagle Magazine was privileged to speak with Mayor Elect, Jason Pierce, and learn more about what is most important to him and his vision for the future of our tight-knit community.

Pierce and his family have been an active part of eagle for the last 16 years. Their relocation to Eagle was based primarily in the desire for a safe, welcoming place to raise their 2 children, Brandon and Brianna. The small-town feel, open spaces, four seasons, and beautiful foothills were enough for the Pierce family to make Eagle home. Jason loves baseball and shared that his favorite parts of coaching are being able to spend time as a family and seeing the kids he coached grow up. He loves getting to catch up with them and hear about their lives. He has spent time coaching for West Valley Little League’s spring, all-star, and fall ball teams.

Volunteering for the City of Eagle, Pierce has served on Eagle’s Parks and Pathways Committee, Eagle Planning and Zoning Commissions, Eagle Urban Renewal, and Eagle City Council. He loves to talk about all things Eagle and shared, “I like to hear about the good things, the bad, and the ugly. Anytime you see me out and about, don’t hesitate to come and talk with me about our great city. The only way we can continue to make Eagle the best place to live in the Treasure Valley is to have resident input.”

His ‘Eagle First’ philosophy is at the base of all his decisions. He challenges Eagle residents to do the same when it comes to supporting local businesses, charities, schools and residents. Pierce’s platform makes this philosophy apparent. He is a staunch proponent of keeping Eagle’s water local. He is opposed to a sale to Suez and would love an opportunity to continue his support for the litigation to prevent Suez from acquiring the water company.

As Eagle’s popularity continues to increase, a focus on infrastructure, preservation of Downtown Eagle, and options for education are an incredibly high priority. Pierce supports lower density developments and shares, “We cannot stop development, but we can have better influence on the type of developments going forward.” He is an advocate of Eagle citizens playing an influencing role in the development of Avimor and hopes that community activism can ensure its creation lands in alignment with the needs of our citizens and the quality of our beloved foothills.

Pierce’s emphasis on collaboration is a strong summation of his belief system. He outlines, “The problems facing Eagle are structural, complex, and dynamic, and no one can solve them alone. As your Mayor, I commit to a balanced approach and bring together ACHD, West Ada School District, innovative companies, strong local governments, tireless non-profits, and hard-working residents to develop solutions that work for everyone. I have a record of leadership bringing together diverse groups and listening to new voices to collaborate and find innovative answers to complex problems.”

For a full understanding of Jason Pierce’s platform, beliefs, and personal history check out pierce4mayor.com.








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