Desperation to Inspiration

Story and Photography by Nicole Pettinger

To objectify the person of Greg Ruppert I’d consider him a kaleidoscope: completely colorful in character, energy shifting in charismatic bounds of a prism under a summer sun. Greg truly is a rare man, and his life story is one of intrigue, knowledge, and inspiration. The author of a book series “7 Years in Peru,” Greg takes us on his personal journey “From Death’s Door to Heaven’s Gate.” Prior to living in the new community of Eagle which he loves, Greg was a developer, investor, and integral community advisor for 25 years in the Cochlea Valley, Palm Springs, California. At the pinnacle of Greg’s career, he was asked to do a voluntary drug test. While no drugs were found in is system, the test revealed something else. Greg was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, which had caused fibrosis of the liver, and was now an incurable liver cancer.

“We don’t know why you are even here or how you walked in here. With your counts you should be in a grave,” his doctor told him.

“I was asked if I knew where Forest Lawn Cemetery was located, directed to go there that day to make arrangements and establish a will,” Greg says stone-faced. “’You don’t have any time, thank you for coming in,’ were their last words to me. They may have well said, ‘Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.’”

These seemingly hopeless words sparked what would become “my grand adventure,” according to Greg. His decision to reject the doctor’s grim prognosis and fight for his life is the subject of his book series. After a year of traditional medicine including chemotherapy which took him to the brink of death, he was told, “It didn’t work.”

“Western Medicine failed me,” Greg said as his gaze went out his office window. “My purpose to write is to give back some of the happiness God has blessed me with. I have found a roadmap to health, and I’ve placed it in the pages of my series. What an incredible ride it has been.”

A holistic shaman changed the course of Greg’s destiny. Alive and vivacious today, he ended up in the jungles of Peru for 7 years, where he encountered a translator who would become his beautiful wife and mother of his daughter Amber. He also met the people who could help him to learn about the land where the medicine grew which cured him, As he followed ancient Ayahausca trails, Greg was infused with knowledge.

In April, Greg plans to share more of his story with Eagle residents where he will sign books from his series. Visit his website for more information. “I am passionate with the desire to share that which I’ve learned. It has the possibility of helping others regain and keep health as well as turning back the hands of time on aging,” he said.

The series includes: “From Death’s Door to Heaven’s Gate,” “Living in the Land of The Children of The Light,” and “The Answer to Cancer: It’s So Simple.” The first book can currently be found on Kindle at








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