Why You Should Get Organized In 2021

There are obvious reasons to organize your home: 1) So you know what you have and where to find it 2) To avoid buying redundancies (i.e. save money) and 3) So you can be efficient in your space.

Those are great motivators, but for me the best reason is because an organized home is your foundation of wellness.   Couldn’t we all use a little wellness in our lives after the craziness of 2020?

I have witnessed over and over again a transformation that happens in my clients when we organize their space.  A cluttered space feels heavy and frenetic all at once.  A tidy space feels calm and can actually inspire efficiency.  The impact our home has on us is real!

I’ll make the process as short and sweet as possible.  1. Clear the space into categories. 2. Clean the space 3. Edit the categories down 4. Contain the categories 5. Label

The edit (or purge) is a very important step because in most cases, if organization is a challenge it is because you have too much stuff.  I never encourage my clients to donate something that is important to them but during the edit we really must examine what is truly meaningful/useful.

Once edited down, you must decide how to contain your items.  Having a designated home for everything is what makes a space maintainable.  This, incidentally is the fun part!  You have the opportunity with your containment to make the space beautiful, so why not?  By now you may be tempted to skip the last step but if you want to maintain all your hard work, then labeling is a must!  Labeling tip: keep it general to allow for some flexibility.

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