Battlefield to Backcountry

    By Nicole Christensen Pettinger, Photography courtesy of Kryptek

    KRYPTEK. Kryptos: Greek word meaning “hidden or secret.” Techno: Greek word meaning “art, craft, or skill.” The name Kryptek as intended by its founders, Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn is this: The art of being hidden and protected from the elements of nature, and of being superior in field, craft, and skillsets shared by the elite. The Kryptek concept is completely driven by passion and experience.

    Forged from their intense experiences as former Army combat veterans and attack Apache helicopter pilots in tandem with their shared interests in extreme outdoor enthusiasts and big game hunting, Whiting and Cleghorn have established a multimillion dollar business. Started in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kryptek\ is now home-based in Eagle, Idaho.

    Bringing authenticity and credibility to the United States Department of the Army’s proposal request for Camouflage Improvement Effort (CIE), Krypek, with a staff of four people, went toe-to-toe with three other billion-dollar corporations.

    Kryptek’s camo design is unlike others. It incorporates micro and macro layering inspired by artillery camouflage netting, which also graces the ceiling of the corporate office. The brilliant, digitally created red and black office walls were designed by Cleghorn. A three-foot lacquered wood conference table is center, with big game mounts found throughout. First-class products line the walls in featured variants of the Highlander Camo. This camo will keep the wearer invisible in over 70 percent of our Earth’s landscapes. Kryptek camo will conceal you in terrains as varied as the high mountains, deserts, canyons, thick alpine forests or rocky faces of the world.

    Whiting describes the camo as “a heavily feathered pattern with a stark bi-level overlay. The multi-directional design combines the geometry of foliage, animal, marine, and geographical qualities to conceal lateral and vertical flow.”

    Whiting is firm and intense, yet his eyes are kind, making listeners receptive to what he has to say. In contrast, his partner Cleghorn is jovial, articulate, and passionate. Striking up a brotherhood in military service, the two often discussed their love of the outdoors and extreme hunting. These friendly discussions became more serious in 2006, when they saw a need for a superior camouflage product for hunters and decided to apply their military tactical knowledge to hunting. Their designs allow hunters to blend in with their environment, giving efforts a much higher chance of success. Specialized adaptations allow increased functionality and effectiveness in rain, snow, or sleet. These include lanyardized zippers, rubberized zippers, arm-pit zippers, 4” waist adjustment, and laminate waterproof reinforced knee pad pockets.

    In keeping with the integrity of concept, Kryptek’s owners work diligently to make the best product that works in both battle and hunting. The entire company is staffed with elite veterans ranging from attack pilots and world renowned big game enthusiasts to Special Operations Aviation Regiment 160th pilots, known as SOAR. Whiting was an Attack Apache Helicopter Battalion Commander, and Cleghorn is one of the best pilots in the military, who helped transport our finest commandos.

    Kryptek can be purchased from only the best licensees and strategic partners. More information can also be found at “Warrior tested, Mother Nature approved,” is the company slogan, and it is safe to say this enterprise is thoroughly engaged to meet the need. Constantly relying on customer feedback and innovative technologies to update product designs, Kryptek is morphing to evolve into its highest capacity.






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