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Eagle Art Walk

Story  Sam Davis  Photos Jim Peterson

The Eagle Art Walk brings art lovers and community members to Downtown Eagle on the last Thursday of April. With exciting and unique offerings around every corner, Eagle celebrates local arts and culture with area artists set up in galleries and shops located in the center of downtown along State Street. Local merchants in the 4 blocks between Eagle Road to East Second Street and from Plaza Drive to Idaho Street come together to feature the best artists, gifts, products and music in the area. And, of course, beverages are available.

For the true art collectors and fans, arriving early offers a more relaxing stroll around town to enjoy live music and wine tasting at area restaurants. Merchants are keeping the doors open late so shoppers can enjoy the additional art that pops up just for this night. Combine that with the bustle of Thursday night in downtown Eagle and it creates quite a scene. That’s when the realization hits and many say they didn’t know so much is going on here. As the evening progresses, more visitors descend on the area to meet up with friends and savor the local experience.

Each of the ten featured venues will host a local painter, watercolor artist or photographer. Whether you prefer contemporary work, traditional paintings or landscape photography, there is art for every style. Browse artwork by Sherri Carter, Susan Rose, Mark Davis, Renae Hill, Kevin McCain, Nadene Kranz, Rob Hart, Bonnie Peacher, Chieshenam Westin and Suzanne Chetwood.

For those looking for an arts and cultural experience close to home, this is the night not to miss. Here’s what you need to do. Pick up your punch card at any featured location, visit each artist to have your card signed. Then drop off your card to Finer Frames to be entered to win lots of prizes from Downtown Eagle merchants. You don’t need to be present to win, but its more fun if you are.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25, 2019, 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

Featured Venues that are keeping the doors open late:

Lyrique Boutique | 228 E Plaza Drive

Shoehound | 123 E Aikens Street

Urban Casuals | 123 E Aikens Street

Sweet Tea Living | 99 E State Street

Eagle Museum | 67 E State Street

Fusions Glass | 135 N 2nd Street

Wishing Well Botanicals | 52 N 2nd Street

Maison Blue | 50 N 2nd Street

Second Avenue | 222 E State Street

Art Walk headquarters at Finer Frames | 164 E State Street








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