Sacred Health Jewelry

Energy Healing in Eagle and Beyond

Story by Chelsea Chambers Photos by Tamara Kenyon

Brenda Pharaoh

“I am intensely devoted to my customers. Attention to detail, quality, stone selection and customer service are extremely important to me, as is infusing each piece with the necessary healing energy they need.” – Brenda Pharaoh

As an Eagle native, Brenda Pharaoh has an ingrained attachment to the Gem State, but her affinity for gemstones goes much deeper than that. For Brenda, it is all about energy and the ability to use the energies around and within us to create healing.

“I grew up in Eagle but when I was 18, I moved to Phoenix Arizona on a whim. One day while I was shopping in the mall, I was offered a job at Helzberg Diamonds. I happily accepted and fell in love with diamonds and gemstones,” Brenda shared. During her 30+ year long career in the jewelry industry, most of which was spent at Tiffany & Co. in Hawaii, she found herself on another path, a more spiritual path.

“I spent years studying and taking courses on holistic health, energy psychology, vibrational medicine, spiritual counseling, quantum physics, crystal healing, shamanism, law of attraction, meditation, spiritual practice, workshops, retreats, etc. That path led to my own healing and alignment,” Brenda explained.

She continued to learn and experience more and more in the field of energy work and decided to incorporate the healing powers of crystals into her work with clients. From this, Sacred Health Jewelry was born. “I started designing mala bead jewelry [malas are a type of mediation or prayer beads, used as ancient tools to focus and clear the mind] with the finest gemstones and materials I could find and developed an online jewelry store where people could buy a piece of jewelry to wear that would help them achieve a specific outcome. Each bracelet has different healing vibrations that naturally attract luck, prosperity, abundance, peace, confidence, strength, clarity, love, etc., depending on the internal crystalline structure.”

Brenda’s curiosity and natural proclivity for energy work helped Sacred Health Jewelry to flourish, even creating a line for men. By harnessing the universal flow of energy, Brenda is able to create pieces like the Sunshine & Smiles bracelet, made with peach sunstone and tiger’s eye. This uplifting piece eases the wearer, giving off a smooth and calming effect. Other pieces to explore with Sacred Health are the Soulmate Bracelet and the Men’s Heal and Reset Bracelet.

Brenda plans to focus solely on her jewelry business for the time being. “It’s about connecting with people, personal attention, handmade products, handwritten notes, a surprise treat in the package, attention to detail …. helping people and truly making a difference. That’s what moves me. That’s what fills my heart. If I have been a source of light or inspiration in someone’s life, then I have fulfilled my purpose in this world.”

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