Putting the Social Back in Social Distancing

    Finding Balance in the New Normal

    By Chelsea Chambers

    The beauty of us in our human existence, is that we are gifted extraordinary persistence. – CLC

    The tumult and uncertainty of these last few weeks has left many of us restless, confused, and, on a larger scale, just plain anxious. We miss our friends and family, the normalcy of day-to-day life, and being able to enjoy the sunshine in the ways that we used to.

    Hiking, social distance style
    Social distance hiking. All photos credit to Angela Bucchino and friends.

    Fortunately, in the midst of all the madness, the community is coming together to support each other and us ever-adaptable humans are finding new ways to cope in this strange new normal. Angela Bucchino of Eagle, Idaho, is one of the many Idahoans who have discovered a way to put the ‘social’ in social distancing.

    “I love hanging out with my friends and doing that virtually just isn’t the same,” says Bucchino, Creative Director and Graphic Designer for the SMARTeam.

    As our quarantine restrictions begin to lessen, many of us are still leery about jumping back into our old social lives. And with most establishments on a strictly “to-go” basis, Bucchino shared with us her list of safe, social distancing activities that she and her friends have been exploring.

    Outdoor Bingo: “We meet outside on the grass with our chairs and bingo sheets. It’s a dollar a sheet and you can play as many bingo boards as you want.”

    Porch Drinks: Invite a friend over and catch up over a drink on the front porch. An appropriate social distance away of course.

    Hikes and Picnics: Two great ways to maintain your distance while still retaining your sanity.

    Social distance wine tasting
    Social distance parking lot wine tasting. All photos credit to Angela Bucchino and friends.

    Parking Lot Wine Tastings: “Last weekend my friends and I met at a local winery to pick up wine and had happy hour in the parking lot.”

    Social Distance Bike Rides: Bike rides are a great and easy way to maintain your distance while still getting outside and enjoying the fresh air with friends, family, and neighbors.

    Tennis: One of the many sports where you have to be spread out to play.

    It’s difficult to say when things will return to “normal,” but there are plenty of different ways to get out, be social, interact, and still maintain your health and safety.

    How are you staying sane while still staying healthy? Share your tips, tricks, and ideas with chelsealeeann22@gmail.com. From all of us at Idaho Media Publishing: stay well, stay safe, and stay sane!

    Social distance bingo








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