Molly Tevis, Albertson’s Dietitian

Resolution Solution – Healthy Habits for a New Year
Molly Tevis, RDN, LD

As we kick off 2018, its estimated more than 40% of Americans set a New Year’s resolution.  Changing nutrition related health habits are some of the most common themes that reoccur each January. Here are some healthy hints and practices you can adopt to support your goals all year long.

Include protein at each meal: It does not matter whether you are vegetarian, vegan or a self-proclaimed carnivore, protein at each meal performs many functions. It sustains satiety, supports lean body mass, which in turn boosts metabolic rate, helps with hair and nail health, and cognitive function. 

Quality over quantity: While food portions do still play a role in weight and health, emerging evidence shows that the quality of food versus just restriction may have a greater influence on total health. Choose plant fats such as olive oil, avocado oil over animal saturated fats, wild cold-water fish, as well as whole grains and more plant based proteins. Strive to include various colorful vegetable options on your plates at all meals; ideally 2/3 of total food volume consisting of vegetables and fruit.

Relax More: Find a way to de-stress more often. Several studies have shown that stress can worsen or increase risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression and gastrointestinal disease. Try taking a warm bath, meditate, go for a walk, exercise or listen to music. Foods that may help decrease oxidative stress include phytochemical-rich herbs and spices such as ginger and turmeric, berries and unsweetened tea (particularly green/white).

Disconnect: Being overly connected to all forms of technology can impact our health. Especially for children, keep screen time to no more than 2 hours daily (this includes TV, iPads, phones, computers and video games). Technology at bed time can adversely impact sleep which may eventually impact hormone function, appetite, and metabolism. Remove phones from the bedroom and turn off the TV or computer an hour before bed.

For personalized nutrition guidance to assist you in your health goals, visit your supermarket dietitian at your local Eagle Albertsons.

Molly Tevis represents Albertsons as a food and nutrition expert working in the Albertsons Eagle store. Molly is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and member of the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic








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