JoAnn’s Iris Garden

    Beauty, bulbs, and blossoms

    By Kayli Corbin

    Photography Kimberlee Miller

    Cultivating a garden is one of the most magical wonders this world can offer us. When we watch nature’s wonder bring beauty to the world, it reminds us to grow from dirt, to bask in the sun’s warm rays, and to project the most stunning version of ourselves. Although a garden can be hard work, it is work that reaps satisfaction, joy, and wonder. JoAnn’s Iris Garden in Eagle is a place of magic, where hard work brings the most beautiful of outcomes.

    JoAnn’s Iris journey started 25 years ago with a few bulbs and a blossoming love of irises. She now has a quarter of an acre filled with the most unique and delightful varieties of irises Idaho has to offer. Each year, JoAnn introduces about 16-18 new variations of these spectacular flowers. She currently has about 350 varieties and this number is always growing. She offers every color and focuses on creating the biggest and healthiest rhizomes possible.

    She shared with Eagle Magazine that her driving force is the community. She explained that the garden is something to be shared and enjoyed by all. Her sharing extends beyond visiting and viewing the garden into selling the bulbs of these perennial plants. A purchase of an iris allows for years of viewing pleasure and insight into the joys of gardening. JoAnn shares on her website, “​The multitude of colors and the aromas create a breathtaking serene setting for visitors to enjoy our slice of paradise. With benches throughout the garden visitors can relax and take in all the beauty the garden has to offer.”

    The timeline of an iris is directly correlated with the viewing season at JoAnn’s Iris Garden. In February and March, she is cleaning the beds from last years bloom and preparing for new growth. During April and May, you can experience the most beautiful of blooms, however this is dependent upon weather. This is the perfect time to explore her impressive collection and place orders for the specimen you can’t live without. July is dedicated solely to digging up bulbs, filling orders, and planting new.

    During blooming season, the garden is open 7 days a week from 9 AM to 6 PM. This includes Memorial Day and Mother’s Day. Although the garden is no longer open for viewing this season, JoAnn wants the community to know that she can still accept orders. You can contact her by phone at (208) 230-0769 or view her Facebook page ( JoAnn welcomes artists, painters, and garden clubs. Educational classes can also be arranged.

    JoAnn’s Iris Garden is one of a kind. Her kind heart, dedication to beautiful flowers, and love for the community she lives in makes her garden a truly magical one.










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