Fitness Together

Not just an Event–A Lifestyle

By Haley Grugel

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

The weather is warming up, the sun is coming out and people around the Treasure Valley are getting exciting for all sorts of outdoor activities. With the change of season the main thing on the forefront of most people’s mind is fitness; how will I look and more importantly how will I feel with this influx of physical demand. At Fitness Together in Eagle this thought could be a thing of the past with their holistic approach to fitness, making it a true lifestyle change rather than a passing fad. The Eagle location of the franchise opened March 30th of this year by husband and wife Kelley and Ainzley Anderson.

The original Fitness Together was started in Arizona in 1983 by Rick Sikorski. Rick was unsatisfied with the way the “big box” gyms provided services to their clients and wanted to create a more personal and effective product.In 1996 Fitness Together Holdings, Inc. began franchising and the rest is history. Kelley and Ainzley had been in search of a new business venture when their son received some personal training at the East Boise Fitness Together by owner Brian Redtfeldt. The business model combined with the private approach to the training really impressed them and after a year and a half of researching the franchise they had found the “why” in Fitness Together. This “why” was to help improve lives and thus began the journey to become franchise owners themselves.

Kelley and Ainzley come from insurance and law enforcement backgrounds, but have both always been passionate about fitness and the industry that surrounds it. According to Kelley, “having previously been a personal trainer, he understands the superior benefits of personal training.” One of the duo’s main focuses with the Eagle location is to ensure their trainers are of the best in the industry. They want to guarantee that, “the training meets the exceptionally high standards of Fitness Together Eagle and the clients who trust them with their fitness routines.”

The approach to fitness is a little different at Fitness Together than other gyms. Kelley explained, “our trainers meet with clients in a private/semi-private suite for prescriptive one-on-one training designed specifically for each client.” Fitness Together is truly the entire package operating with three proprietary systems: Aspire 8 (strength training), Cardio Together, and Nutrition Together. This comprehensive system is what sets Fitness Together apart making them a long standing lifestyle change rather than just a fad that is unsustainable. Their nutrition program really focuses on creating and maintaining healthy eating habits built on the right quantities of whole foods at the right times. “Nutrition Together places the appropriate amount of importance on nutrition – a healthy lifestyle is not only built at the gym, but at the dinner table.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony with the Eagle Chamber of Commerce will be held April 26th, and the grand opening party will be the following day. They will be offering their “28 Day Experience” to all first time clients, to show the Eagle Community that “fitness is not an event, it’s a lifestyle.”








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