Eagle High Alumni

Camaraderie, Community, and Careers

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

High school is a time where you begin to craft the adult you’ll become. You learn what’s important to you, you form meaningful relationships, you begin to process what it means to be a part of a community, and most importantly you start thinking about what your future can hold. The future of these Eagle High Alumni blossomed into an intertwined story of shared experience and a love for the community of Eagle.

Danielle Allsop and Morgan Boydston are two members of the team at KTVB, dedicated to providing news to our communities. They also happen to share the title of Eagle High Alumni. Allsop and Boydston recall their memories at Eagle High School fondly. Whether it was sports, drama, hanging out with friends, or some pranks on the weekends, these girls felt comfortable learning about who they were and what was important to them in our safe and quaint town.

Boydston shared her perspective on being a part of Eagle. “I absolutely feel working for KTVB has made me even more connected to what’s happening! I have my ear to everything. An interesting aspect I didn’t anticipate: I view my community, politics, and events with a different lens now that I’m a reporter. Don’t get me wrong: I still drive through the rural, gorgeous city and reminisce on places I used to hang out or friends’ houses that are now occupied by other families. I am very connected to this part of the Treasure Valley because I still live in Eagle, so I’m able to be a voice for many in this community and tell unique stories through sources I have built since childhood! People tend to connect with me more and open up when I tell them I grew up in Eagle – it’s pretty special.”

Allsop currently heads the high school sports platform at KTVB. She shares, “I get to work with a lot of our community’s high school athletes in different capacities. That’s one of my favorite parts of my job, to see their successes. It makes me feel like a proud big sister!”

Both amazingly successful business women shared a high school, a workplace, and now a platform to express words of wisdom to the current and future classes of Eagle High. Whether you’re the parent of a student, or a student yourself, I know we can all find meaning in the advice that these alumni, reporters, and community advocates share – “Be a good person. As cliché as it sounds, treat others like you would want to be treated” says Allsop. Boydston shares, “You are enough. It sounds so cliché, but you are worthy.”

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that those sentiments are far from cliché. It’s clear that our community of Eagle is skilled in crafting caring, talented, and compassionate people. Remember that you can influence every story, whether it ends up on the news or not.








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