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Healthy Rootz is the Natural Way for Healthy Solutions

by Brittany Sailors, photos by Jim Peterson

Take a stroll down old State Street and you’ll find yourself immersed in an eclectic “vintage meets modern” atmosphere. Amid the storefronts of locally owned businesses and tucked away behind a happily worn door, I found myself in a calming space adorned with reclaimed wood beams and earthen furnishings. The store’s window reads Healthy Rootz; the name alone draws me inside, wanting to know more. The scent of diffused oils and welcoming ambiance are what make me want to stay all afternoon.

Amber Branch, the owner of Healthy Rootz, describes her store as a place for Eagle residents to find alternative health and wellness solutions. When she first moved to Eagle she’d hoped to find a store offering natural health remedies and was surprised by the lack of options. Amber’s solution? Start her own business. She opened her doors five years ago and has been evolving her business ever since.

Healthy Rootz’ current offerings range from reflexology to green juice delivery. The Juice Caboose, aptly named, will deliver 32-ounce bottles of freshly squeezed greens to your home or office. It is Amber’s belief that what we put in our bodies has a dramatic impact on our overall health. At Healthy Rootz, prevention and attention to nutrition are the cornerstones of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Throughout our conversation, Amber recounted multiple clients who had come to her looking for ways to decrease their dependency on daily medications. Many of her personal acquaintances have dealt with long-term illness and found respite in natural alternatives to modern medicine. An individual consultation will provide clients the opportunity to learn about alternatives to prescription medication and invasive medical procedures. Amber’s experiences with the benefits of a holistic approach are what led her to open a store that shares the healing properties of herbs, oils, and naturally derived products and therapeutic techniques.

For more information:
Healthy Rootz
124 E. State Street Eagle, Idaho 83616








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