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    Overcoming obstacles is what separates those who achieve from those who only
    conceive. Chantel Wiles can proudly say she has conquered both of those peaks.
    Not only did she dream of making an impact on the way people think about health
    and wellness, but she also brought it to fruition. Therein lies the true challenge: going
    after what some might consider impossible, improbable, or incredibly difficult.
    Anyone can dream; dreaming is easy. Doing is a different matter altogether.

    Chantel, originally from California but now going on ten years living in Idaho,
    is a mom, wife, and business owner. Taking inspiration from her mother, who is a
    business owner in her own right, Chantel got her dual diploma from the Genesis School
    of Natural Health two years ago and last September, she finally took the plunge and
    started her own business, Eagle Holistic Health. The business ideal, aligning perfectly
    with her own, is helping people take charge of their health, being more informed about
    what goes into our bodies, and living more happily and healthily. An incredibly altruistic
    and benevolent mission Chantel has undertaken. Not an easy one, but certainly one
    worth fighting for. During the height of the pandemic, Chantel offered her IV vitamin
    services directly to people in their homes who were sick, and as she tells me about the
    danger she exposed herself to, “It honestly didn’t even cross my mind because these
    people were sick and they needed my help, and I have something that can help them.”

    Growing up with dreams of becoming a veterinarian when she was younger,
    she worked as a veterinarian technician for 10 years before she decided to veer just a
    tad. As she jokes, “I’ve come full circle – I’m still using needles, only it’s just people now
    instead of animals.”

    The seasons and the lovely landscapes are one of the big perks for Chantel of living
    in Idaho, and she enjoys the quality of outdoor life that living in the Treasure Valley
    brings. When not tending to her business, Chantel enjoys the outdoors, her pets, doing
    Pilates, and even doing Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art, along with her whole family.
    As far as nutrition, Chantel stresses a very important point that many people seem to
    overlook: instead of focusing on any specific -isms concerning eating, the best approach
    is to consume nutritionally dense whole foods, cook at home as much as possible, and
    give precedence to balance.

    Chantel said something that really stood out to me during our conversation. When I asked her what advice she would give to people looking to overcome obstacles, she said, “One small change at a time people try to do a 180 and change everything at once, and it’s
    not always sustainable.” Considering everything we’ve recently learned about the human brain, her advice speaks volumes of truth. Focusing on single, small achievements that compound into something much grander in the long term is definitely the way to go.

    As far as her plans, Chantel hopes to expand her business, offer more services and thereby help as many people as she can. With her positive attitude and disposition, there is no
    doubt she will succeed.








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