Health and Wellness for the Body and Mind

    By Kayli Corbin
    Photography by Rase Littlefield

    Mind, body, and spirit are paramount in developing and maintaining sustainable wellness. What does it mean to be ‘well’? Wellness has a deep and personal definition for each of us, but there are things we know and accept as positive influencers on our lives. In a world of stressed out, stagnant, and under nourished days it is important to take a step back and assess what wellness truly means to you.

    Julie McCallson has spent close to the last two decades crafting her own understanding of wellness and sharing that with the world around her. In 2001 she started a school to teach others how to be a personal fitness trainer. At this time there were no physical locations to gain this experience and students were forced to get online certifications. Since then she has established five brick and mortar locations of the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) throughout California.

    Julie’s journey to Idaho was rooted in family and a love of fitness. Her daughter moved to Meridian and a few visits had Julie hooked. She has been here for the last five years living on the river and tells Eagle Magazine, “Since then (coming to Idaho) I have made such deep, rich friendships and my love for fitness has expanded with bike riding, hiking, and I’ve more recently added yoga to my fitness and spiritual journey.” We all know how captivating our valley can be for those inclined to outdoor recreation and fitness.

    In her time with NPTI Julie has expanded many fitness programs. They currently offer Personal Fitness Training certification, Master Personal Trainer courses, and yoga certifications. The courses are active, hands-on, and set participants up for future success with focuses on networking and nutrition education. Graduates can expect lifetime nationwide job placement assistance and ongoing consultations with nutritionists and fitness experts.

    A focus on physical health aligns with an improvement in mental health. Julie’s dedication to providing an environment of growth is apparent through NPTI and her personal practice of Reiki. Reiki is, simply put, energy healing. A Reiki professional harnesses universal energy to restore physical and emotional well-being. Julie has completed the Reiki Master Course through Reiki Renewal in Boise. She is currently enjoying practicing and sharing her skills with friends and family but plans to expand to outside clients soon.

    Julie’s life is based in sharing wellness – whether that’s a physical expression of health improvement or sharing positive healing energy through Reiki practices. She shared, “I would just like to show my gratitude for all that Idaho has to offer. The wonderful warm people that I have found to be so genuine. I feel like I have made friends here that I will have forever. I love that my family is here raising their three kids in such a down-to-earth environment.”








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