Just Do Some Good

    Non-Profit Social Media Movement

    By Monica Tanner

    “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

    This famous quote by Steve Jobs is one of the important principles that keeps the board of Just Do Some Good dreaming big and scheming to change the world—at least the world of social media.

    Just Do Some Good is a new non-profit organization, started right here in the Treasure Valley, dedicated to changing the world, starting with the landscape of social media by making it a kinder, more service friendly place to scroll. People are highly influenced by what they see online. We use social media for inspiration, motivation, information, and connection. Adding posts about service, kindness, and love, enhances the experience and can inspire people to bless the lives of others and make the world a better place. There are no pre-qualifications for service. People of all ages, races, religious affiliations, backgrounds, or financial status can participate in meaningful service. Imagine the impact of more service over selfies (#serviceoverselfies).

    Just Do Some Good has a 3-part mission statement to flood social media with examples of service, kindness, and love.

    1. To partner with celebrities, influencers, and athletes to make service popular and post-worthy. If you see your role models perform service, you will want to serve more. Just Do Some Good has a series of challenges and campaigns aimed at doing service and posting about the experience or cause.
    2. To promote other non-profits who might not have the resources to maintain a strong social media presence. Through Just Do Some Good, high school and college age students will be trained to intern for qualified non-profit organizations as online content managers and social media accounts managers. The interns will learn marketable skills and the non-profits get their message out to the world, increasing their ability to attract more volunteers and donations. It’s a win-win all around.
    3. To participate and support service projects all over the country by attracting more donors and volunteers. Just Do Some Good will provide support by publicizing, sponsoring and encouraging others to come out and work together to strengthen their communities.

    Through these pillars, they hope to make it easier for people to serve and they will eventually feel the fulfillment that comes when we look outside of ourselves and recognize the needs of others. Making service more popular will create a ripple effect that really can change the world.

    As part of their launch, Just Do Some Good is hosting a three-day social media challenge, encouraging everyone to do some form of service, big or small and post about it to the hashtag #justdosomegood. The challenge will start on September 20th and run through September 22nd. The point is to flood social media with many different examples of service. The more widespread this challenge becomes, the more traction this movement gains with the powers that be who can catapult their efforts. Together, we can change social media one act of service at a time.

    You can find more information about this important cause online at: www.justdosomegood.org. You can also find them on every social media platform @justdosomegood or contact them at: justdosomegood@gmail.com.








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