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By Chelsea Chambers

We are the designers of our world, the creators of business, and the foundation of the future. And a big part of that future is going to be built through graphic design. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016, the demand for graphic designers would increase by nearly 13% by 2020. And that prediction is in large part due to the industry’s prominent domination in marketing, communications, and entrepreneurship over the last decade.

So it’s no wonder that Heim Design Studios has seen such great success since their inception.

“We hit the ground running!” says Matt Heim, owner and founder of Heim Design Studios. Hailing from San Diego, Matt, his wife and sons are proud Idahoans since 2006. “I am very blessed and grateful for the work that I get to do, and the family that I have been given,” he continued.

Matt started his business in the Treasure Valley in 2019 and has been busy with projects ever since. “My formal training is in graphic design and corporate branding; I graduated from The Art Institute in San Diego, just before moving to Idaho. But when my in-laws moved to join us in Star in 2007, with their international custom furniture business, I became the in-house graphics department for them. The family business name is John Ralph Furniture, based in Eagle, and we supply high-quantity custom furniture to the resort and hotel market, from our manufacturing facility in Vietnam. We recently completed the case goods and seating for the new Ronald McDonald House in Boise. It was this project, and the collaboration of local businesses and artisans that inspired me to create Heim Design Studio in 2019.”

But beyond what the traditional graphic designer might offer, Heim Design Studio provides a unique art service studio that not only provides traditional digital graphics and branding, but also incorporates technical CAD illustration, new product development, custom furniture, and high-end wood artwork fabrication.

We asked Matt what some of his favorite projects thus far and his was very grateful to have the opportunity to create designs for the Ronald McDonald House. “The giant entry wall art at the Ronald McDonald House is a special design project, not only for what it represents for the community here in Idaho, but as a designer and artist, allowed me to work locally with wonderful businesses and people from our area; something that is very fulfilling and not easy to experience within the international hospitality market.

Matt would also like to give a shout out to WoodLab in Eagle who helps with his custom designs and fabrications.

Matt can be reached on Instagram at @matt.heim and by email at matt@heimdesignstudio.com.








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