Data storage change hits Idaho

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As the technology world advances businesses are beginning to migrate away from proprietary systems and becoming more aware of “open source” solutions, a non-proprietary option, and in our case this is storage. This solution is not only more affordable, but puts businesses in control of their own storage needs.

The change started in the compute world when Intel and the x86 architecture was coupled with VMware, and now truly “open” hypervisors such as KVM. Today businesses are now able to leverage all the resources and increasing performance on the compute side. For storage, it has remained locked and proprietary with the inability to acquire anything for that storage from anyone other than the proprietary storage company. Well, now that has changed.

We at Open Source Storage believe that customers should be free to choose what platforms they want to run their storage on, just as they choose the platforms they run their compute environments on. We have developed a truly open, non-vendor locked storage appliance that runs on industry standard x86 hardware. We deliver our solution to you as a complete turn-key appliance on the hardware platform that makes the most sense for your environment. The good news is that we will never ask you to sacrifice what you currently are receiving today from your legacy shared storage environment. As matter of fact, in most cases we will outperform those systems without sacrificing the high availability and data protection you require.

Eren Niazi, CEO of Open Source Storage set up the first 3000 servers for Facebook, deployed networks for the likes of Shutterfly, Universal Music Group, FriendFinder, and more.

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