The Tavern at Eagle Island

Why not indulge?

By Chelsea Chambers

Who doesn’t love a nice steak—juicy and seasoned just the way you like it?

Maybe that’s not you’re forte—fair. But you probably love a craft cocktail, shaken by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. And not to talk down on anyone, but the bartenders at the Tavern know how to shake a cocktail. And provide genuine, personable service. Or at least an accurate wine recommendation.

Photo Credit: Tavern at Eagle Island


Even if you’ve only ever been there once, you quickly become a regular. Because in the industry, service is everything, well…second only to really good food. And most of us have had the good fortune to experience that at the Tavern. At Bown. Downtown… but now also in the Eagle Island Marketplace. Located at 6500 N. Linder Road.

The best part about the Tavern is not just the reputable food and undeniable second (or third) cocktails—it’s the variety. Stopping in for lunch on your break? Perfect. Timely, tasty food for those on the run. First date? You should probably order the steak, why not? Family night out? They have an easy kids’ menu, and for those of you that are parents, an easy kids’ menu is exactly what you need when you’ve decided to have a family night out. Because even the pickiest of children loves a grilled cheese. Or chicken strips (you can call them nuggets, they won’t mind).

But for those of you looking to try something new or searching for that next favorite meal, the Tavern is the go-to place. And no, we don’t just say that about everyone. Because the Tavern has the most amazing Club Sandwich (that’s more than shareable), fresh Sweet Chili Brussel Sprouts with Chorizo, and a rotating soup-of-the-day, among a dozen more meals that are already our favorite (it’s hard to pick just one).

Photo Credit: Tavern at Eagle Island

Also, seafood. Ahi Poke Salad, Tavern Coconut Shrimp, and Steamed Clams you cannot pass up. Try. If you succeed, then you definitely have room for dessert. We’re talking Mud Pie and Mixed Berry Cobbler that will leave you craving more. Or actually probably not—they’re pretty good sized. But you’ll definitely want more.

So, thank you, Tavern, for opening a third convenient location, so that we can proudly indulge in your delicious food on all ends of the Treasure Valley. And yes, that link goes directly to the dessert menu on purpose. You’re welcome.








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