Specialized Care with a Holistic Approach

    Eagle Welcomes Dr. James Chappell and the Chappell Integrative Wellness Center

    By Janelle Stear

    Photos by Kimberlee Miller

    The room is calm, aesthetic. The soothing sounds of a tabletop fountain and dimmed lighting make you feel at ease. A doctor approaches with a wise and welcoming smile. He escorts you to his office, where he uses 21st century, traditional, and aboriginal medicine. He has you speak into a specialized computer for twenty seconds, and then from a headset releases a series of vibrations that begin to retrain your brain for better emotional health. Then the headset scans your body for a full physical exam.

    Think Star Trek: Dr. McCoy’s medical tricorder, as he simply swipes his wand over your forehead.

    Dr. Chappell can help you decide on a correction plan that will bring you back to a balanced state of wellness. His machine, the AO Scanner, is the only one in our state; scientists in Russia, Germany and China took ten years developing it.

    Wellness = Balance and Prevention

    As a medical intuit (someone who perceives the state of internal health), clinical nutritionist, traditional naturopath, chiropractic physician (retired), and best-selling author: Dr. Chappell uses common sense, insight, and research to determine a solution to a problem. Dr. Chappell describes, “The key to health is education and taking effective action.”

    As stated on his website: Dr. Chappell “is a master health detective. He does NOT focus on disease. To the contrary, he states, ‘Where health resides there is no room for illness.’ His focus is on wellness, optimum health and longevity and how to achieve it.” He has learned, in his forty-seven years working with patients, that the least amount of interference will give the maximum result.

    Dr. Chappell’s business partner, Nicole Shoong, a journalist and reporter, wrote in the forward to his 2016 book that she had witnessed him cure a child with brain cancer; “His knowledge of the human body went deep into the entire electrical/chemical environment. His photographic memory and medical intuition was remarkable.”

    A Promising, Exciting Move for the Doctor

    Dr. Chappell has consulted all over the world, including actors in the Hollywood studio lots; he has been a radio and TV host, and has written a vast array of books.

    Chappel and Shoong moved to Eagle last January, after his sister, Dee, persuaded them to move to the area. “After forty years, I told him he should live closer to his family,” says Dee.

    Now in Eagle, they love being able to share their experiences and unique medical approach with our community. That is why they offer a free weekly workshop every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., in which Dr. Chappell enlightens visitors with his expansive knowledge.

    As Dr. Chappell states, “Doctor literally means to teach or minister to. We must know how the body works and what to do when it doesn’t.”

    593 E. State Street in Eagle












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