SageView Estates

Start Living Your Dream

By Chelsea Chambers

SageView Estates, located in Eagle off Chaparral Road, is a place where dreams become reality. More than just a view, more than just an amazing location and convenience, SageView embodies the ideals of what it means to truly “live the life”. Nestled in the beautiful Eagle Foothills SageView Estates boasts ten-acre plots with enviable BLM access and miles of outdoor recreation.

What started as a personal goal for SageView owners and founders, David and Debbie Bensinger, has quickly become something to share with the entire valley. “We bought the land about seven years ago and originally planned to just build a home for ourselves up on top. After realizing the cost of the earthwork to climb our initial ridge for a driveway, we weren’t too far off from the price of a private road. So, a couple years ago we asked our engineer about it and one thing led to another. We ended up with 14 ten-acre plus lots each unique and with spectacular views,” explained David.

Buyer feedback has been unanimous: it’s all about the view. And the wildlife. And the convenience of living close enough to town to be active, but outside enough to let the hustle and bustle of the city melt away. Worth mention is access to geothermal water that can be used to heat driveways, homes, pools, and spas. Plus, miles of biking and hiking trails surround the properties—and of course, access over 160 acres of BLM land, which means no more crowded trails.

Ground has yet to break on the land plots, but several have been sold and housing plans are being developed.

David and Debbie are grateful that they have the opportunity to share this incredible land with the Treasure Valley and encourage anyone who is interested to reach out for a tour of the properties. “We like to spend time together with buyers, walking the land and talking about their ideas and what our vision is. Since we are also planning to live in the subdivision, it’s nice to get to know each other as neighbors,” David shared.

Visit their website at to learn more about this amazing development opportunity. Don’t wait another day to start building your dream. It’s closer than you think.








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