Parkour is Alive and Well in Boise

Story by Brandi Roberts, Photos by Jim Peterson

The MYTH Parkour Gym is opening as the first dedicated Parkour training space in Idaho. Owners Nicholas Domeny and Justin Daniel are creating a community where people of all ages and abilities can learn the art of movement.

 Parkour is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and you may have seen it in action movies, television commercials, or at your local parks and playgrounds. Parkour is the activity or sport to move freely and rapidly through an area, typically an urban environment, by negotiating obstacles using the body’s ability to run, jump, climb, crawl, swing, and more. To be able to do this efficiently, the practice focuses on developing agility, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, practical strength and endurance, precision, and the ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Athletes learn to overcome obstacles and find solutions to the problems presented to them. MYTH co-owner, Justin Daniel attests that by training in Parkour, the positive effects of overcoming obstacles trickle into day-to-day scenarios, helping build confidence and competence over time.

 Cofounder Nicholas Domeny (Boise High ‘09) is a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army. He has been training in the art of parkour for 12 years and has been integral in growing the sport in the Boise area since the early 2000’s. Justin Daniel (Timberline ‘09), co-founder of MYTH Parkour, served in the United States Army for 7 years. He has been training in Parkour for 8 years and has been helping grow the Boise parkour community since the late 2000’s. MYTH also has multiple qualified instructors; Gary Brusse, Keat Soel, Bryan Roberts, and Rickie Roberts, all of whom have competed at the international level with the World Freerunning Parkour Federation. Rickie Roberts took home first place in the Young Pro’s Division in 2016, and second place in 2017.

MYTH Parkour provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced Parkour and movement training in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. MYTH offers skill level-based classes, adult-only classes, women-only classes, private coaching, and open gym. They regularly hold competitive and noncompetitive events and jams. The gym features a large AirTrick mat, a warp wall, vault obstacles, bars, a weight training area, an Xbox room, and more. In the near future, they plan on hosting Fire Fridays where live music, fire-dancing, and local food trucks will all come together to celebrate what it means to be a community.

 The instructors at MYTH aim to guide athletes to develop their natural abilities and talents so that they can move uniquely to their physical makeup and just slightly beyond their comfort zone.  They foster the celebration of every win while guiding improvement areas when athlethes may have missed the mark. MYTH Parkour emphasizes that Parkour is not just a practice of functional fitness, it’s a practice of an organic, holistic type of fitness. This type of movement encourages their students to challenge their mind and bodies in a free and flow-state type of training – the way the human form is meant to move.

 The founders of MYTH worked with Parkour Visions and the Seattle firm, GGLO to design two connected outdoor Parkour areas at Rhode’s Park in downtown Boise. This state-of-the-art outdoor Parkour park is the second and largest purpose-built park in the United States. MYTH Parkour will be celebrating their opening alongside hosting the Boise Parkour Park Grand Opening May 5-7.


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