Meet Treasure Valley’s Own, Entrepreneur Ron Despain

    Story by Dawn Mello, Photos by Jim Peterson

    Desiring a break from the corporate world, Ron Despain, an active member of the manufacturing engineering community for over 25 years, was seeking a new business opportunity.  “It was time for a change,” Ron said.  Turns out, the answer was right under his nose!

    Each day last summer, Ron would walk by his garbage bin.

    “I knew I should take the time to clean it out – it smelled and had some type of liquid goo in the bottom of it,” he said.  Realizing that the smell indicated that bacteria and germs were present, Ron started to consider disease concerns such as E. coli and salmonella.  “After I cleaned it, it would just get dirty and smelly again, and I didn’t look forward to the dirty water splashing back at me!”

    After some research, Ron discovered that an automated system existed to address this issue, and his business, Fresh Bins, was born.

    Ron Despain and his family have lived in Eagle for the past 19 years.  “We love Idaho and we love our community, where we have met many wonderful people.”  Finding a solution that was self-contained, 100% environmentally friendly with results removing 99.9% of bacteria and germs was important for him and his community.

    Typically, when people clean out their garbage bins, they often use cold water and add many cleaning agents to kill bacteria.  Afterwards, the wastewater is dumped somewhere, usually out on the lawn, in the driveway, or down the gutter.  The Fresh Bins solution solves this problem by being self-contained, with all the wastewater collected and disposed of in an approved facility.

    “This machine not only cleans them, it sanitizes them by using high pressure, 190 degree heated water.  It uses approximately 2 gallons of water per bin, reducing the amount of valuable resource in each cleaning.”  At the end of the process, the bins are clean and deodorized, leaving them smelling fresh again.

    Single, monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly cleaning services are available.  Home visits are scheduled to coincide with your trash pickup day,  and bins (two at a time) are lifted into the hopper curbside.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Ron and Fresh Bins, his website is and the home page displays video of the simple, effective process.  Fresh Bins leaves your home, neighborhood, and our community a healthier and better place.

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