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    Local Fly Fishing Organizations

    By Chelsea Chambers    Photos Kimberlee Miller

    “The first couple flies are barely representative of what you had in your head, but each tie becomes a better and better creation.” – Kurtis Tarbet

    Kurtis Tarbet and Kyler Wartman have been avid fly fishers for years. For several reasons, such as the unimaginable relaxation, the chance to get into nature, and the space to get away from it all for a while. As Kyler says, “It gives me an appreciation of the outdoors and an opportunity to live in the moment and soak up my thoughts.”

    Kyler was so motivated by fly fishing, that it inspired him to start his own company with his wife, Kelsey. He was frustrated by the lack of available fly fishing apparel and decided to do something about it himself. Fishing with Feathers was born! And now there is a full line of hats, shirts, and other fly fishing accessories on their website

    I asked Kurtis what some of the benefits of fly fishing were, to help motivate others to join in. “There are so many. Really like any hobby, it gives you something to focus on. It isn’t something that has instant gratification, it is a process and there are steps/obstacles in the way of reaching your goal. There aren’t shortcuts, all the details need to be tended to.”

    When asked if they were willing to share any good fishing spots in Eagle, they said that really any spot in Eagle is a good spot. So, nestle up near the river and get tying!

    Another incredible local organization is Idaho2Fly. For decades, there has been a lack of resources for men with cancer. Idaho2Fly sought to fulfill that need and has since created a space to “support, educate, and help men with cancer rise above their disease.” By using fly fishing, and other related activities, they bring together men with cancer and those in remission to support one another.
    Ron Bailey, a member of the Idaho2Fly board, lost a male friend to cancer and decided that being a part of the organization would be a great way to honor him. “Every retreat is an amazing experience,” says Ron.

    There is no fly fishing experience required to be a part of Idaho2Fly and volunteers are always welcome. Together with Idaho2Fly, we can create a space where man and nature become one, in mutual love and support of one another. What may seem like just a hobby, has transformed into a beautiful system that helps bring people together. Because that is what life is all about—togetherness, support, and experience.

    Check out their website to learn more about the programs at!






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