JoVinos – New Coffee and Wine Bar Coming to Eagle

Co-owners of popular Eagle restaurants, Rembrandts and CACi, are excited to announce the opening of their latest endeavor—JoVinos! Aptly named, JoVinos is a combination coffee and wine bar, featuring premium espresso drinks, grab-and-go morning items, as well as afternoon and evening tapas. The new spot is definitely boasting a one-stop-shop for the Treasure Valley. Dale Willman and CJ Cacioppo anticipate their opening day to be summer 2021.

“JoVinos will have a broad selection of wines at retail pricing,” Dale shared. “And you know we love our patios, so this will be one more great place to be—east facing to protect from the summer afternoon heat and will feature both a fireplace and a water fountain for the changing seasons!”

The duo aspires to create a neighborhood gathering place that is multi-purpose. So, whether you’re coming in after work with friends for a delicious glass of wine or speeding through the drive-thru on your morning commute, JoVinos is prepared to deliver high-quality items at a reasonable price. Conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 44 and Anacona, JoVinos is just east of the Eagle Tennis Club, at the entry to the new Eagle Lakes development.

“We are already feeling the enthusiasm of our customers!” said CJ.
The enthusiasm is definitely palpable! Keep an eye out for JoVinos this summer and follow their progress online at









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