January Community Note

    Dear Readers,
    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying the New Year. Here at Eagle Magazine we’ve had our hands full picking out the best and the brightest stories to bring to you, but we think we’ve managed to do a pretty good job to help ring in 2015. Each year as Eagle grows, the community and the town as a whole only gets better and better.
    This issue we’ve spotlighted a number of community members who are striving to make Eagle even better. From the St. Jude’s home giveaway to specials on a few of what our local schools are up to, there’s an uplifting story inside everyone will enjoy. One of my favorite pieces this go around our article on Christian Housel, the new Principal at the Eagle Elementary School of Arts. He’s transforming a lot about the school, but perhaps most notably he has an ambitious desire to revamp the entire campus with the support of both students and the community. This kind of community support—
    especially for projects that benefit our children—is wonderful, and it’s something that makes Eagle special. Inside you’ll also find pieces on the fire department, women’s health, as well as a thoughtful note written by the mayor.
    I could go on and on about what makes Eagle great, but I’ll leave you to uncover rest through your daily lives, communal experiences, and of course, through perusing this publication. Thanks for continuing to give us stories to tell, as well as keeping Eagle one of the best places to live, both in Idaho and the world.
    Happy New Year!

    Kirk Walton – Editor






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