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    Eagle Writers’ Group Can Help You Share Your Story with the World

    By Corbin Wagoner

    Everyone has at least one significant story that needs to be shared with the world. Your story may inspire others to overcome adversity and gain new perspective. Your story has the potential to improve someone’s life in a profound way by informing and entertaining the reader.

    Writing can be an isolating and solitary pursuit. Eagle Writers’ Group is designed to foster, encourage, and support new writers, published authors, and people who don’t yet know they have a gift for writing. We offer a unique blend of introspective editing suggestions and unique writing prompts (writing prompts are fifteen minute segments where you write on a specific subject then read what you have written to the group). Writing prompts stimulate and encourage creative writing energy resulting in a fast-paced writing style which avoids undue preoccupation with syntax and grammar.

    We also share two to three pages of each writer’s previously written material with the group and welcome creative suggestions, editing recommendations, and encouragement.

    Eagle Writers’ Group was created to inspire creative writing energy, and help new writers and seasoned authors maintain momentum, and keep writing. It is important to get your thoughts on paper or digital media as quickly as possible.

    New writers often think that it is essential to know the ending before they begin to write. Teresa Nickell, author of The Girl in My Wallet, says, “You can’t always know the end at the beginning. I came to the Eagle Writers’ Group seeking other writers who are marching through the obstacles to get their stories out to the world. I found it to be a very welcoming, diverse group.”

    Nickell shared her story of hope and redemption with the new Eagle Writers’ Group in May. Her memoir, The Girl in My Wallet, published in 2018, tells the true story of a damaged young woman living a wasted life. She was legally blind, homeless, hopeless, and living in a car. Teresa eventually found a drug and alcohol treatment center. With nothing but fear and determination, she inched forward with her life. In her book she shares details and the process she used to reframe the lessons taught to her as a child.

    In July, Teresa will publish the enhanced second edition of her memoir, entitled, The Girl in Your Wallet. “I wrote my first book about me. However, with over 1200 copies in the hands of readers and overwhelmingly positive feedback, I knew I could give more because it’s not about me at all,” she said.

    The difference between an amateur writer and a published author is that the published author was the amateur writer who kept on writing.

    Eagle Writers’ Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. For more information contact Corbin Wagoner at

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