Take Time to Talk

    For over a year now, we have been focused on listening to the experts about the importance of social distancing as we watched our world dramatically change in response to COVID-19. Our work environments and recreation activities have been limited or taken away. We all want to do our part to support our community through this health crisis, but the pandemic has come with significant challenges and has impacted nearly all our relationships.

    Many of us start the new year with a commitment to improve our overall health, with the goal of achieving balance in mind, body, and spirit. We work out, meditate, go to church, but too often we forget the most important piece: ourselves.

    Balance and wellness start with the mind. The way we think and feel about ourselves impacts our motivation. The goal of counseling is to help us gain perspective and achieve our optimal mental wellness, by working to decrease self doubt, and by increasing confidence and communication skills. Many therapists, including me, offer telehealth as well as office visits.

    After a year of listening and waiting, are you ready to speak? Mindfulness starts with talking about what you think and feel, knowing that you will be heard. Your feelings matter. Counseling can reduce anxiety, ease stress, and improve communication skills. Now is the time to take care of you, mind, body, and spirit.

    Rebecca Rand Counseling LLC 136 S. Academy  Eagle, Idaho  208-912-6621






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