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Hi, my name is David Cruz and I have diverticulitis (inflammation of the Gastrointestinal tract). Back in November of 2017, I had an emergency surgery to remove 20% of my colon to get rid of the inflammation in my lower intestine. Prior to my surgery, I always thought I had a “decent” diet, high carb-low fat, at least 3 to 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, per week. The surgery was a failure and the doctor encouraged me to have bread, rice and pudding for the first 3-4 weeks to heal my gut. I couldn’t believe what she said, so instead I called my good friend (and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) Karrie Danielson. She said the first thing I had to do is heal my gut and adopt a “Ketogenic Lifestyle.” In only eight weeks of adopting this new lifestyle I lost 50 pounds with no exercise. I went from 230 pounds down to 180 pounds.


My name is Lauren Sassadeck, and it is an honor to be part of Keto2Go and the Ketogenic Reset. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for Keto, nutrition, supplementation, health and wellness with others, and help them become the ultimate version of themselves. My goal is to assist those from every walk of life through their unique journey towards ultimate health.

My passion for health and wellness was instilled early on; I grew up watching my parents help others from all walks of life by using alternative medicine methods. It was instilled early that using medication to treat illness was not normal, and that alternative medicine is available to all of us so we may be in control of our own health. Exercise, nutrition, and supplementation was daily discussion – how health evolves over a lifetime, and how to be aware of our body and understand what it needs so we can ultimately learn how to heal ourselves.

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