A Tribute to Women in Watercolor

    The Art of Renae Hill

    By Kayli Corbin
    Photography by Emma Thompson

    A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. –Melinda Gates

    Beauty and womanhood are so inherently intertwined within our social constructs and perspective of the world that it’s completely common to hear a woman referenced as a ‘work of art’. Art is beautiful. Women are beautiful. But what, more than beauty, can both women and art offer us? How can we portray the strength, compassion, tenacity, or struggle of women?

    Renae Hill’s new collection, A Tribute to Women in Watercolor, challenges our perspective of what it means to be a woman. She plans to paint 100 women in watercolor. Hill shares, “My paintings will show the vast ways women make a difference in the world and how their lives inspire others. I interview each woman to get a vision of her journey. I then do a painting of her in what she is passionate about. She might be a teacher, musician, bee keeper, scientist, mother, nurse, doctor, pilot, truck driver, or artist from any country in the world.”

    Art has been a centerpiece in Hill’s upbringing, and she prides herself in being able to convey the beauty around us through her mediums. She paints because she can convey the emotions she feels through canvas and document those feelings for others to interpret. Her experience with art started at a very young age. Influenced by her father and accomplished painter, Stan Cramer, Hill found passion in portrait work and went on to study graphic art at a private college here in Idaho.

    Hill’s unique and defined style of watercolor paintings has become recognizable by her collectors and fans. You could describe her work as expressive realism. By softly blending colors and adding contrasting elements, Hill creates masterpieces that guide your eyes and elicit emotion.

    The collection, A Tribute to Women in Watercolor, highlights Hill’s technical ability and encourages viewers to explore the countless roles of women in today’s society. One complete, her work will be published in a traveling exhibit through the United States and Canada. Once its journey is complete it will be compiled and published in a book.

    Hill also offers a variety of workshops with focuses on drawing, watercolor, and expressing emotion through artwork. Workshop lengths vary from 1 to 3 days and set attendees up for success planning a well-designed composition, mixing clean colors, and achieving paintings that spark feelings from their viewers.

    Hill shares, “When my art collectors talk about my art and it sparks a memory or feeling they become involved with the creation.” In the creation and distribution of this collection, Hill hopes to challenge perspectives of women and the ripples their actions make in the world around us. Be portraying more than beauty, we explore the realms of what defines womanhood and how art can help us tell that story.

    Be sure to check out www.renaehill.net for a deeper dive into the work of this talented artist and updated details about upcoming workshops and exhibits throughout the Boise area.








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