Delivering on Dreams

Building More Than a Custom Home

by Brittany Sailors, photos by Amanda Antilla

Houses are popping up in the cities of Eagle and Meridian at an astonishing rate. I can remember when the corner of Linder and State Street was considered the outskirts of town. A drive through the intersection today will still make you feel like you’re approaching a more restful locale, but look closer, and you’ll notice several new neighborhoods nestled within the groves of trees hugging the Boise River. One can assume local builders are enjoying the opportunity to showcase their talents and help homeowners realize their dreams in a custom build. I recently spoke with the Clint Rogers, of CK Rogers, to learn more about the process of creating a custom home from start to finish.

When Clint partners with a client to remodel or build a home, his considerations go beyond the logistics and materials required to get the job done. When asked about a few of their more recent projects, it was evident CK Rogers builds more than just a structure to harbor people and possessions; they construct the actualization of a lifelong dream.

“It’s a product of 20 years of dreaming,” said Clint, of his custom home project in Eagle’s riverfront community, The Shores. “The house is designed around the fact that they want their family to come home.” When I asked Clint about the motivating factors behind most remodels and custom builds, he said lifestyle was the number one reason people elect to work with CK Rogers.

Clint comes from a family with generations of building experience, and he too grew up working in the industry. After a brief sojourn working in corporate America, Clint founded CK Rogers in 2002 and began offering design, remodel, and building services to clients.

Clint’s projects range in both size and scope, but all of his jobs have one thing in common: the owners are looking to create a particular lifestyle for themselves. Empty-nesters, parents of fur babies, and busy families all look to Clint for help in constructing the ideal home for their way of life. When I spoke with him about some of his more memorable builds, it was clear that the services provided by CK Rogers deliver more than a new or refreshed home. Clint’s team builds lasting relationships with their clients, keeping in touch through holidays and special gatherings.

With Meridian, Idaho being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, the valley is full of homeowners looking to construct or remodel their dream home. CK Rogers remodels around 40 homes and builds 10-12 per year.

The remodels CK Rogers performs are less about flipping a home for a high return on investment, and more about establishing a way of life for homeowners. Master bathroom remodels will take four to six weeks when clients can allow consistent availability of their home. Kitchens are typically more labor-intensive and run six to eight weeks, on average. These timelines vary based on the nature of work and whether owners need to continue living in their home throughout the remodel.

Custom home building timelines range depending on the scope, size, and design scheme of each home. As a general guideline, Clint told me homes worth $500,000-$750,000 normally take about six to seven months, those homes worth $750,000- $1,000,000 require eight to ten months, and homes above the million-dollar mark will take closer to a year to reach completion. When considering your forever home, the short wait for design and construction is one worth graciously accepting.

For more information:
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