Defining Your Style

Story by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Photos by Jim Peterson

“I remove the risk of decorating on your own,” said Marva Don Card, a certified interior decorator and owner of Decorating Den Interiors in Boise. “I come to you with product samples and decorating ideas. I assist you in determining the products and designs that are right for you, in the colors and lighting of your surroundings. Because each client is unique in taste and lifestyle, I custom tailor a home’s interior to match individual needs and desires. And I make it fun!” Marva Don smiled.

Fufilling a Destiny

“My best friend from high school told me about the Decorating Den Interiors franchise,” recalled Marva Don in explaining her start. “I called, asked many questions, and passed the interview, design and business tests to qualify for ownership of a franchise. I decided I should follow my passion and go back to what I had wanted to do since I was 18!” she enthused.

Marva Don opened Decorating Den Interiors five years ago to help clients transform their homes into what they envisioned but couldn’t seem to accomplish without a little outside help. Originally from Caldwell, Marva Don managed a professional medical practice for 28 years and brought many of those people skills and empathy from her patient-facing role to her interior design business.

Just Three Rules

“Each design I do is a client’s dream project, so I give my very best to each one,” stated Marva Don. “They are as individual as my clients. When I have my first complimentary consultation with clients, I tell them they only have to do three things: first, they need to like me, as we need to communicate and feel comfortable with each other to achieve their dream design; second, they have to love the design, because they are the ones living with it and it won’t hurt my feelings if we need to tweak the design; and lastly, they ensure I have stayed within their established budget so they are ready to proceed with the design project.”

Marva Don’s Color and Lighting Primer

“When selecting the color scheme for your room, a good rule of thumb is to begin with the rug and fabrics,” Marva Don advised. “Since there are infinite shades of paint, but only a few ideal fabrics, don’t make the popular mistake of selecting the wall paint first. You will save yourself a lot of leg work by selecting the wall paint after all the fabrics have been determined.”

“Color sets the feel and mood of your home environment,” she shared, “and that is not to say it has to be bold and bright, but color is tricky.  Getting it right can be a challenge. Adding other elements like textures and patterns make for a great design.”

“Determine the right-sized light fixture for your room,” she added. “Size matters.” Oversized pendants are appropriate for large kitchen islands and open dining areas. To select fixture shapes, start with the existing furniture, textures and colors in the room. Consider the dominant shapes, wall covering and window treatments style. To create a cozy living space, cluster pendants at varying heights.

During a new client’s complimentary consultation—from the comfort of their own home–Marva Don provides expert guidance on colors, materials, textures, finishes and furniture to craft the perfect solution, which may include window coverings, custom bedding, floor and wall coverings, upholstery and fine furniture, or lighting and accessories. She offers outdoor furniture and color consultations as well. Decorating Den Interiors also creates closet systems and storage organization spaces. Her team will measure, design and install systems to suit every need and budget.

Fixing Disjointed Design Flow

Marva Don recalled one couple she helped recently, who needed an objective eye. “They were tired of wasting money on buying furniture that didn’t ‘fit’ the room and never getting the complete ‘look’ for their home. Their home had an open floor plan, so you could see several rooms from wherever you stood. The husband was very sure we really didn’t need to paint the family room–it was a peachy sand color–but once it was painted a beautiful, warm gray hue, we won him over to show how color can change the ‘feel’ of a room. We added beautiful leather recliners, a wine bar area and a conversation sectional for when they entertain. We used dramatic draperies in their dining room and accessories to pull the color scheme of oranges, soft grays and touches of yellows. We succeeded in transitioning every room in their home to deliver the warm, comfortable ‘Wow-this-is-my-home!’ look they were seeking.”


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