Curated Goods for Men

Donnie Ricardo

By Kayli Corbin
Photography by Rase Littlefield

Most fathers have received a boring tie or new tool for the barbecue. Each outdoorsy brother has been gifted one too many fishing lures or novelty t-shirts. Any uncle with a taste for spirits likely expects to receive a bottle of his favorite bourbon each time he gets a gift. What if there was a place that allowed us to break free from this perpetual state of bland gift giving? Where is a store designed for men with a variety of tastes and passions in life?

Donnie Ricardo fills a void felt by many shoppers in the city of Eagle. You could go to the mall and find your standard clothing or shoes, or you could browse a truly unique selection of fine gifts and everyday goods. Many of Donnie Ricardo’s products are made in the US, and you’re not likely to find any of them in big box stores.

Owner, Aimee Ricci, shares her perspective, “If you look up the definition of curated, it means ‘carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented’.  That’s exactly what we’re doing with our product offering – we are carefully selecting items that are unique and presenting them in a way that we hope appeals specifically to men.” Aimee also owns Urban Casuals, a women’s apparel shop next door to Donnie Ricardo. Can you imagine shopping for yourself and having a specialty men’s shop for your husband to visit simultaneously? Count me in.

One of their most popular items are canvas gun cases, which is part of an entire line of canvas goods that also include backpacks, luggage, and wine totes to name a few. These durable products are all handmade and hand-waxed in Minnesota and come with a lifetime guarantee. Their decanters have been an incredible hit as well. They are handblown glass spheres with a figure inside, sitting inside of a handmade oak cradle. This perfect addition to your bar is a must see! Everyone needs under garments, and Donnie Ricardo offers only the best. Uber soft boxer shorts featuring prints like Abbey Road (hello, Beatles fans!), fishing lures, pit bulls and more are sure to keep the man in your life comfortable.

Aimee prides herself on an amazingly unique shopping experience and products that break out of the gift giving mold. She said, “If there is one thing I want people to know about Donnie Ricardo, it’s that we are truly unique.  And that’s not just us saying that – it’s what we hear almost every time someone new comes in.  Customers love that they can shop for fine, distinctive gifts as well as everyday items in the same place.  We’re a bit tucked away off the main street, but well worth finding us.”

Visit their Eagle location at 123 E. Aikens Street to find your next perfect gift. Now through the end of October, mention ‘goods for guys’, and receive 30% off any canvas goods or decanter!  One per person.  Offer ends October 31st.  








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