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Expansion International

Making Education Possible By Lauren Phillips Expansion International, a Treasure Valley Christian nonprofit, has a passion to help change lives for good. It began with friends from a local Boise church venturing to Africa in 2002. Today, Expansion continues their ...

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Camping Near Eagle

Find Your Awe in Idaho’s State Parks By: Jennifer Okerlund, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Photos by Kimberlee Miller Article Cover Photo Submitted by Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Camping and spending time outdoors has a lengthy list ...

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Fueling a Firefighter

Inside the Fire Station By Megan Bryant Photos by Kimberlee Miller On a warm, sunny Sunday evening, I got to catch up with the “C” shift as they prepped for dinner. On the menu? Steak and veggie kabobs for the ...

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The Springs

Hot Springs Retreat in Idaho City By Chelsea Chambers Photos by Kimberlee Miller Stress (noun): A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Relax (verb): To make or become less tense or anxious. ...

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Creative and Mouthwatering Appetizers Story Drew Dodson  Photos  Kimberlee Miller Springtime presents the ideal opportunity to get out and enjoy the sights, smells, views, and most importantly, the tastes of Eagle. Eagle residents are blessed to be surrounded by a ...

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Every Dog has its Day 

Local pets and their owners By Drew Dodson  Photos Kimberlee Miller Winter has arrived and with it the perfect opportunity to curl up by the fireplace with a blanket and cuddle somebody special. Or two. Or maybe even three. Regardless ...

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