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Wellness in a Jar

Brooks Broth By Chelsea Chambers  Photos Heather James We spend most of our lives avoiding trouble and mishaps. We make calculated moves, plan ahead, and take care of our bodies in the best ways we know how. But try as ...

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Biscotti for All

Newly retired couple enters the food industry with rave reviews Story John Hand | Photos Heather Claramunt For most of us, the phrase “Italian bakery” warms the senses.  In the case of Adrian and Robyn Kutch, the owners of Eagle’s ...

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JoVinos – New Coffee and Wine Bar Coming to Eagle

Co-owners of popular Eagle restaurants, Rembrandts and CACi, are excited to announce the opening of their latest endeavor—JoVinos! Aptly named, JoVinos is a combination coffee and wine bar, featuring premium espresso drinks, grab-and-go morning items, as well as afternoon and ...

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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards and Winery to open new facility

A new facility called “Ranch House @ 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards and Winery” to open in one week. The masterfully crafted full production wine facility, restaurant, and event venue will be opening Wednesday, March 17th with a soft opening at ...

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Dude DeWalt Cellars: A bit of history in every bottle

Dude Dewalt

Writer: McCale Ashenbrener Story: Emma Thompson To say it is haunted might be a stretch, but Clarence “Dude” DeWalt’s pioneering spirit certainly imbues the gulch in the rugged Eagle foothills that the winery sits over today. In the early 1930’s ...

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Squeeze In – Eagle’s Newest Breakfast and Lunch Spot

Sqeezein Eagle Idaho

By Chelsea Chambers “We cannot believe how much support we are getting from the community of Eagle. We are so grateful!” praised, Nathan Bartosz, co-owner of Squeeze In, a colorful and tasty new eatery in Eagle. The first thing you ...

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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards Welcomes New Winemaker

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards in Eagle has a new winemaker. Corey Sprott hails from the vaunted Napa Valley, where he has been a winemaker there for nearly 40 years. Arriving in July of last year, Corey lives in Eagle.

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The Tavern at Eagle Island

Why not indulge? By Chelsea Chambers Who doesn’t love a nice steak—juicy and seasoned just the way you like it? Maybe that’s not you’re forte—fair. But you probably love a craft cocktail, shaken by someone who actually knows what they’re ...

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Eagle’s Hottest Dishes

Soul warming cuisine By Veronica LeMaster  Photos Rase Littlefield If you’re not sure where to dine in tonight, you’ve come to the right place. It’s true- the city of Eagle is home to many crave-able restaurants that offer even hotter ...

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Blue Toro Restaurant

A matador, a blue bull, and a restaurateur walk into a bar… By Kayli Corbin Photography by Rase Littlefield It all started with an online bidding war. A vintage, velvet painting of a matador and a blue bull brought acute ...

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