Building Bridges

A candid conversation with Mayor Brad Pike

Photo by Cy Gilbert

In an exclusive sit-down with Eagle magazine, Mayor Brad Pike offered a glimpse into the inner workings of his role as the chief steward of his community.

With an affable demeanor and a penchant for storytelling, Pike delved deep into the nuances of his responsibilities, weaving together personal anecdotes and profound insights into a tapestry of compassionate leadership.

As Pike delved into the intricacies of his role

He drew parallels between his experiences as a firefighter and his current position as mayor. “After facing severe trauma in numerous homes as a firefighter, I realized the profound importance of compassion, kindness, and connection in times of crisis,” Pike shared. “Entering those homes, you’re confronted with the raw humanity of people in their most vulnerable moments. It’s a humbling experience that teaches you to listen deeply and respond with empathy.”

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As Pike articulated his metaphor of the mayor’s position as the central hub in a wheel of community stakeholders, his passion for connection and collaboration became palpable. “All those folks end up at the hub for somebody’s recommendation, somebody’s needs or whatever,” he explained, painting a vivid picture of his belief in the interconnectedness of governance and community life. Moreover, Pike’s faith-based values deeply inform his approach to leadership, emphasizing the principle of being other-centered. “My faith teaches me to prioritize the well-being of others above my interests,” Pike explained.

“It‘s about seeing the humanity in each person and striving to be a source of support and understanding.”

Throughout the conversation, Pike’s humility and genuine curiosity shone through.

“I want to be the dumbest guy in the room,” he confessed, emphasizing his belief in the power of learning from others. “The staff has been here, and done that, I’m the sponge, only adding value with my experience when needed Pike elaborated on the concept of nurturing and supporting those in governing roles. “Just like a bird in a nest knows all it needs to know before leaving, I believe in empowering and guiding those in leadership positions,” Pike elucidated. “You provide them with the necessary tools and advice, but ultimately, you let them soar on their own, knowing that they have the skills and knowledge to succeed.”

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Drawing from his former profession and his faith-based values, Pike spoke eloquently about the importance of empathy and understanding in his interactions with constituents. “I want to know the soul of the person…I need to be your shelter,” he reflected, revealing the depth of his commitment to serving as a compassionate advocate for his community.”

“After facing severe trauma in numerous homes as a firefighter, I realized the profound importance of compassion, kindness, and connection in times of crisis.”

As a first responder, you need to listen and have compassion. “You face very serious situations that impact people.” He drew parallels, meeting with businesses facing the ACHD construction challenge. “I see myself as a facilitator, bringing together different perspectives and expertise to address the challenges facing our community,” Pike emphasized. “Whether it‘s navigating complex infrastructure projects or supporting local businesses, my goal is to empower others to make informed decisions and take ownership of their roles in shaping our collective future.”

As the dialogue unfolded, Pike shared personal anecdotes that illuminated his deep-seated concern for the well-being of those he serves. From discussing home safety measures to recounting moments of crisis and resilience, Pike’s warmth and sincerity resonated with authenticity. He’s a believer in safety, whether it is education on hot lamps in children’s rooms, to adding more police, routine, law, and order. A life without order is erratic. Amid challenges and uncertainties, Pike’s mindset seems to be the right one, however, time will tell.

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