Breaking Barrier Biases

Andy Johnson – paving the path for acceptance, inclusion, and health.

By Chelsea Chambers, Photography by Phil White

“Life’s too short for people to feel like there’s something wrong with them.” –Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson has a noble aspiration for the continued betterment of humankind. He believes wholly in the fact that we can, as one society, break down the barrier of human biases and, in turn, create a healthy, accepting lifestyle for all who seek it. For this purpose, Andy has sought to help, lead, and inspire through consulting and conflict resolution.

Johnson is no stranger to animosity and friction. Like many of us, his experiences have shaped who he is as a person. But Andy has found a way to do something that not many of us have – a way to transform our negative occurrences into something positive and even inspirational. Growing up, Andy dealt with the ever-prevalent reality of being an introvert in a highly extroverted world. Instead of disregarding this trait as a shortcoming, he decided to harness and create something beautiful out of it, which has been a grand catalyst in his career as an author and consultant.Web-1

Johnson started out after college as an architect in California. After a number of years, he sought a change of scenery and moved to Idaho with his wife and three beautiful daughters to continue his career in architecture. Ten years later, he switched vocations and began pastoring at a local startup church. As is sadly too often the case, conflicts in his new career and the faith community he served began to arise. The experiences in that painful church ordeal prompted his first book, The End of Conflict. His second book, Entropy, was written to help all organizations deal more effectively with conflict while also moving toward team health. Both books are wildly inspiring for individuals and groups alike.

Introvert Revolution is Johnson’s latest literary endeavor and goes hand-in-hand with his resolve to aid and embolden introverts to live without shame and not only accept themselves, but to go a step farther and embrace their potential. By eradicating shame and encouraging teams and individuals to lead fearlessly and move toward their goals, Johnson is able to achieve one of his own personal dreams – to inspire and motivate people in such a way that they have no negative connotations about themselves.

We are at a time in history where we are constantly barraged with stimuli; it is often a conglomerated mix of positive and negative and may have longstanding repercussions on our self-worth and, in turn, our future potential. Andy Johnson has proven, and will continue to prove, that we deserve to live a healthy, positive, and productive lifestyle. No matter what our upbringing, our personality, or our preferences,  we can and will succeed. Johnson is an incredible speaker, writer, coach, and motivator and will no doubt continue to lead and inspire.

If you’re interested in Andy’s latest book, Introvert Revolution, be sure to check out his website or the Amazon book page,








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