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Story Rebecca Evans  Photos Kimberlee Miller

Snap. Crackle. Pop. Joints, over time, sound like the jingle to a popular cereal commercial. Between age, wear and tear, genetics, and, injury, many will seek treatment to alleviate pain and pressure in their joints, usually their spine, and often their lower back. Chiropractic care focuses on the body’s relationship between the spine and how the body functions. Alignment correction is one of the main services that chiropractic has been known.

What is less known is how spinal manipulation and adjustment can change your brain’s interpretation of the world around you. As creatures of adaptation, our bodies, over time, learn to work around mis-alignment, learn to adapt to malfunctioning. The body will conform to survive. The brain connects, neurologically, to every joint, muscle, organ, tissue, and cell. When our body is out of alignment, the brain loses this connection, or the signal weakens, impacting our health.

Chiropractic care is based on the concept that the body self-heals and has an innate intelligence, coordinating every action within our body and correlating with our environment. Our nervous system controls all of this. If pressure is placed on this system, it cannot care for itself.

Through the relief of pressure on the nervous system, the body can perform, it can take care of itself.

The weight of a dime produces enough pressure to cause the malfunction of a nerve. If that weight retains pressure on that nerve for six hours, the nerve will (begin to) degenerate. Chiropractic care is not about bone on nerve or joints out of whack. It is about pressure.

Every provider offers unique approaches or techniques, and Dr. John Maltby specializes in locating that nerve interference and then, relieves it.  He focuses on upper cervical care, zeroing in on the top two bones of the spine, where the brain stem lives. Any slight pressure in this location causes the most damage to the body. One of his early cases with upper cervical care involved a patient suffering with severe knee pain. He adjusted her atlas and the next day, her knee pain vanished. It never returned.

This is not magic. It’s science. Unfortunately, we live in a quick-fix society and most patients seek spinal adjustment treatment as the last resort prior to surgery, or after surgery has failed. We needn’t wait to the point of pain or discomfort or illness for care. Early intervention can change the way our brains function; enhancing our quality of life, reducing stress, and increasing mental acuity.

Though Dr. Maltby specializes in upper cervical care, his patients vary, from babies to centenarians. He has worked with special populations, including those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. His philosophy is to turn no one away.

“I work hard to help each person who walks through my door.”

The best approach to health care is preventative maintenance. Upper Cervical Care may be just what your body needs to operate at its optimum. You’ve heard it before: eat right, drink water, sleep well, reduce stress, laugh more, oh, and have your brain connect to your body so it can heal. Visit whitepinechiropractic .com for more information.








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