Blue Toro Restaurant

A matador, a blue bull, and a restaurateur walk into a bar…

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Rase Littlefield

It all started with an online bidding war. A vintage, velvet painting of a matador and a blue bull brought acute nostalgia to Brandt Casey. It reminded him of his grandfather, and he was willing to pay more than the next guy to get his hands on it. Between back and forth bids, Brandt was successful and scored this special piece of memorabilia. His wife asked how much he paid for the painting and he responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll build a restaurant around it someday.”

The Casey family is from Boise and moved to Eagle about three years ago. They love the sense of community and wanted to create an establishment that is truly local, serving nearby neighborhoods with a fun and relaxed gathering place. They’ve established a customer base they describe as “genuinely nice and exceedingly gracious guests.”

Family history plays an important role in the inception of Blue Toro. Brandt’s dad started Café Ole in 1981. In 1987 Brandt started bussing tables and over the years he’s gained experience in everything from washing dishes to bartending and general management. His time in the restaurant industry fuels a passion for creative dishes and Blue Toro is the perfect outlet for that.

Brandt shared, “I wanted to create a concept that was a little different than a regular Mexican restaurant. I wanted to have recipes that I enjoy, that I believe others would enjoy and create a fun, easy, local place featuring not only Mexican food, but great burgers and sandwiches. I love the ‘Funky Tacos’ listed on our menu.”

One of the crowd favorites is The California Burrito. A carne asada burrito filled with French fries is sure to hit the spot. The Killer Fish Tacos are made with wild line Atlantic cod, hand dipped in beer batter, and served with cabbage and a special white sauce just like in San Felipe, Mexico. Their ‘Funky Taco’ options include Crispy Potato Tacos, which are vegetarian and full of flavor. You can even get a delicious Cholula Fried Chicken Sandwich. The fun part about Blue Toro is that they break the mold of traditional Mexican cuisine.

Blue Toro has become so much more than a vintage painting with sentimental value. The vibe at Blue Toro is laid back and relaxing. A coin operated ‘blue toro’ sits in the lobby and is a crowd favorite for all ages. Fun and food are at the center of this Eagle hot spot. Brandt puts it perfectly by saying, “…we are a full service, fun, sit down restaurant with great ambiance, a wide selection of beer and wine, scratch made food and the best wine-a-rita in town.”

Check out for a full menu or swing by 600 S. River Shore Lane, Suite 170 for your next dining experience.

Blue Toro will be hosting a free Thanksgiving Buffet from 2:00 to 5:00 pm on Thanksgiving. Anyone who may not be able to afford Thanksgiving dinner, those who can’t cook for themselves, or those with no place to go, and those who just want to support the community. They will be accepting voluntary donations during the dinner and all proceeds will go to the Eagle Community Food Bank. Sysco and Nicholas Foods will be donating some of the food.








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