Blue Sky Farm


A You-pick flower haven


Blue Sky Farms, family owned and operated by Betty Dryden and Lauren Allen, has become a popular Idaho flower farm for people from all over to make friends, pick flowers, and enjoy Idaho for what it is: a diverse and beautiful state, full of opportunities.


Lauren and Betty purchased the property back in 2017, unsure of what they were going to do with it.  “We knew we wanted to name the property Blue Sky Farm after realizing how beautifully blue the sky is here in Idaho,” Lauren says. “We started to explore Idaho in the summer of 2017 and fell in love with the idea of growing cut flowers.” After purchasing honeybees and seeds, the research began. “Both my mom and I have a background in education and knew absolutely nothing about growing cut flowers so lots of research and many books were purchased in the process!” Lauren explains. After much research, Blue Sky’s first season was in Summer of 2021.


Although Blue Sky Farm’s main attraction is their gorgeous selection of ‘you-pick’ flowers, they have so much more to offer. Candles, lotions, soaps, honey, merchandise, and produce, along with friendships and happiness, can also be found every time you visit Blue Sky Farm. Betty and Lauren love owning Blue Sky Farm, but sometimes it’s not easy. Lauren says, “It’s not a glamorous job – Lots of research, time spent in the green house, getting your hands dirty, keeping up with weeds, and battling with weather, bugs, and pests.” Although it is hard work, all of it is worth the smiles seen at Blue Sky Farm as people come and go with their jars full of flowers.

Both Betty and Lauren love living in Eagle. They have noticed how much the community loves to support small businesses, and they know that they can thank the wonderful Eagle community for its love and support. “Eagle is growing substantially and it’s great to know that we offer a space for our growing city to enjoy,” Lauren says. “There are lots of restaurants, parks, and markets – However, as our community grows, people are looking for more family activities to do and our farm offers that. Families can also book photo sessions online.” Starting September 1st you can get two candles, pick flowers, and get a photos session for $100.


Over the years, the connections made, friendships formed, and the flowers grown are what makes Blue Sky Farm a home for so many. Lauren and Betty strive to make Blue Sky Farm somewhere peaceful that everyone can enjoy. “There are many wonderful you-pick cut flower farms around the treasure valley, but what is unique about Blue Sky Farm is when you arrive at our home – you are treated like family,” Lauren says. There is always something special about being greeted with a hello and a kind smile, and you’re guaranteed that at Blue Sky Farm. The flowers at Blue Sky Farm are grown with a couple extra ounces of love and care, and that love and care is passed on to those who pick them. As Luther Burbank once said, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.”

Check out their fall collection and collect flowers for dried bouquet table settings, wreaths and more.









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