Avimor: A Visionary Community for Families and Nature Enthusiasts


In a conversation with Dan Richter, the developer of Avimor, we delve into the heart of this unique project, exploring its origins, its future, and what sets it apart as a community. Avimor, a sprawling development located just outside Eagle, Idaho, isn’t your typical suburban neighborhood. Instead, it embodies a vision where families can thrive, children can explore freely, and nature is an integral part of daily life.

Richter reflects on Avimor’s beginnings, dating back to the tumultuous year of 2008 when the housing market was in crisis. Unbeknownst to him, Avimor’s smaller lots started selling rapidly, primarily to single mothers seeking safer environments for their children. Avimor’s design and focus on community safety unintentionally catered to this demographic. Ritcher humorously recalls his conversations with young, single male buyers, half-jokingly predicting impending weddings. The inherent desire for companionship often aligns with the nesting instinct that a home purchase can trigger.

Avimor’s overarching goal is to create a haven where families can connect effortlessly. With plans for additional baseball fields, clubhouses, and amenities, the community aims to foster a sense of togetherness reminiscent of the simpler times Ritcher experienced growing up in a small town.

Richter reveals Avimor’s expansion plans, including the construction of new clubhouses, each tailored to specific interests. From indoor pools to golf simulators, these facilities are designed to enhance residents’ quality of life and provide diverse recreational options.

One striking feature of Avimor is its commitment to preserving open spaces and extensive trail systems. With over 100 miles of hiking and biking trails and unique additions like a UTV trail, Avimor is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Richter emphasizes the importance of keeping these spaces accessible to the public, aligning with Idaho’s recreational laws that protect landowners from liability, thus ensuring these trails remain open to all.

Water, a precious resource in Idaho, is a vital part of Avimor’s infrastructure. Richter explains how Avimor’s water system, initially independent but now in collaboration with Eagle, taps into a separate aquifer. This not only benefits the community but also fosters greater connectivity between Eagle’s east and west sides, enhancing water security for the entire city.

As Avimor continues to grow, its commitment to sustainable development remains steadfast. With expansive open spaces, thriving natural environments, and a vision that celebrates both community and nature, Avimor is a beacon of innovation in modern housing development. Its story is one of careful planning, visionary thinking, and a deep-rooted respect for the land and its residents.

Avimor’s history traces back to the McLeod family, who purchased land in the area in 1915. The family’s Scottish immigrant roots and deep appreciation for the land set the stage for a long-term vision. Colin McLeod, the family’s patriarch, believed that someday, the town would extend into this pristine wilderness, and he wanted to ensure the land’s preservation and accessibility for future generations. His foresight and dedication to maintaining the land’s heritage paved the way for the creation of Avimor.

The name “Avimor” itself has ties to the McLeod family’s Scottish heritage. Although spelled differently, it reflects a region in Scotland where parts of the McLeod family originated, mirroring the landscape’s striking resemblance to their homeland.

One of Avimor’s standout features is its commitment to preserving open spaces. Over 23,000 acres of the 50,000-acre McLeod ranch were dedicated to creating this unique community. The McLeod family has always had a tradition of opening their land for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, and they wanted to ensure this tradition continued even as development progressed. This dedication to maintaining open spaces and heritage led to the preservation of land for conservation.

Avimor’s conservation efforts extend to wildlife preservation as well. The developer recognized the importance of protecting the region’s natural resources, including the wintering elk herd in the vicinity. Avimor actively cooperates with the Ada Soil and Water Conservation District to safeguard these herds and ensure minimal disturbance during critical periods. Trails within the community are closed during elk wintering to minimize human interference.

The historic barn on the property is being lovingly restored and repurposed as an event center, adding to the rich tapestry of Avimor. The nearby old house, also undergoing restoration, will serve as offices. Additionally, there are plans for a tasting room in the root cellar, drawing on the potential of the local wine industry due to Avimor’s favorable climate conditions.

Addressing transportation concerns, Avimor has proactively committed to investing approximately $100 million in road improvements in collaboration with the Idaho Transportation Department. This commitment demonstrates Avimor’s dedication to responsible growth and infrastructure development. The underpasses and diversion of the highway is in the near future.

As Avimor continues to evolve, it remains a testament to the harmonious coexistence of progress and preservation. It embodies the belief that a community can thrive while respecting the land, conserving nature, and nurturing the essence of a place. Avimor’s journey is far from over, but it serves as a shining example of how modern development can honor the past and preserve the future.


Engineering the Underpass: A Perfect Fit for the Terrain

The construction of the underpass, a notable feature of Avimor’s development, presents a compelling case study in harmonizing infrastructure with the natural landscape. Surprisingly, the terrain of the region lent itself perfectly to this project. The underpass offers a less costly and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional freeway interchanges. Moreover, the topography seamlessly integrates with the underpass, making it a natural fit.

The underpass initiative doesn’t stop at one; Avimor has plans for possibly three such passages. These underpasses aren’t just for vehicles; they also cater to wildlife preservation and giving people a safe way to cross the highway.

A Commitment to Education: Charter Schools and Land Donations

Avimor’s dedication to the community extends to education. The developer has pledged land for schools within the West Ada School District, the Horseshoe Bend School District, and Emmett District. This commitment ensures that as the community grows, educational opportunities will be readily available for residents.

One notable addition is the Hillsdale College curriculum-based charter school. Recognizing the value of this educational approach, Avimor’s developer actively sought out this institution, donating land to facilitate its establishment. The charter school’s curriculum is set to provide a unique and enriching learning experience for local students.

Property Taxes, Fees, and Community Growth

Addressing concerns regarding property taxes, Avimor has been annexed into the city of Eagle and pays its share of property taxes, just like any other resident within city limits. It’s essential to clarify misconceptions around the economic impact of Avimor on Eagle. The city hired an economist to evaluate the impact, ensuring an unbiased perspective.

Results from the economist’s study and Avimor’s independent analysis confirm that Avimor contributes positively to the community’s finances. As a fast-growing young city, Eagle relies on one-time fees from builders and developers to fund its services. Avimor’s fees contribute significantly to this revenue stream, allowing the city to provide essential services and infrastructure. While some argue that in 30 years, Avimor might not pay for itself, it’s important to remember that every home in Avimor is an asset to the city. As the city grows and diversifies its revenue through commercial development, it will become more resilient against economic downturns.








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