Attention Eagle Residents & Landowners

Glenn Prichard of Nature’s Remedy Advocates for Wildlife Preservation

In the serene landscapes of Eagle, Idaho, Glenn Prichard, the visionary behind Nature’s Remedy, is making waves in wildlife conservation. In an exclusive interview, Glenn shared his remarkable journey and shed light on the pressing need for Eagle residents and landowners to rally behind the cause.

Glenn’s path to founding Nature’s Remedy was born out of adversity. “I have always had a passion for wildlife and conservation,” Glenn began, recounting his transition from a successful construction business owner to the steward of barn owl preservation. “I needed to keep a roof over my family’s heads,” he admitted, reflecting on the economic downturn of 2008 that prompted him to embark on a new venture.

“I swallowed my pride and went to work for a buddy of mine, who is now one of my distributors, collecting owl pellets for schools to use in dissections. He told me to just pretend I was picking up silver dollars instead of owl puke because each one paid one dollar or more,” Glenn expressed.

His foray into owl pellet collection for educational purposes unearthed a profound connection to barn owls and their struggle for safe nesting habitats. “Over time I saw how distressed barn owls were to find safe nesting places to raise their young,” Glenn remarked, underscoring the pivotal role these majestic birds play in environmentally friendly rodent control.

Establishing Nature’s Remedy with the motto “conservation through preservation and education,” Glenn relocated to Star, Idaho, where his dedication earned him the moniker “the Owl Guy.” Through innovative solutions like custom-designed barn owl nesting boxes, manufactured locally in Caldwell, Glenn aims to safeguard these vital avian allies while promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Yet, amidst his successes, Glenn acknowledges the uphill battle of raising awareness about the dangers of rodenticides and the importance of preserving barn owl habitats. “The biggest challenge is educating folks about the dangers of using poisons and rodenticides,” Glenn lamented, stressing the urgent need for collective action.

Central to Glenn’s mission is community engagement, particularly with the youth. “One of my favorite parts of my job is sharing my passion for wildlife with the youth in our community,” he beamed, highlighting the crucial role of education in nurturing future conservationists.

Reflecting on the flourishing partnership between Nature’s Remedy and local establishments, Glenn emphasized the pivotal role of Eagle’s farms and wineries in supporting the cause. “Nesting boxes are the backbone for the preservation of barn owls and American kestrels,” Glenn affirmed, rallying residents to embrace these initiatives and safeguard the region’s biodiversity.

Encouraging residents to get involved, Glenn urged them to advocate for wildlife preservation and support establishments participating in his nesting box program. “The success in that area is due to homeowners and companies investing in nesting boxes and the future of our wildlife,” Glenn asserted, echoing the sentiment of community-driven conservation.

With unwavering resolve and a heart inspired by the “Starfish Story,” Glenn Prichard embodies the spirit of grassroots conservationism. As he continues to champion Nature’s Remedy, Glenn invites Eagle’s residents to join him in making a difference—one nesting box at a time.








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