Aha! Camp with Carolyn Casey

Allowing Yourself the Moment for Aha’s

Story Megan Bryant  Photographs Kimberlee Miller

The first item on the official Women’s Aha! Camp packing list is “Nothing Tight or Squeezy.”

Say no more. Where do I sign up?

This is the eighth year of Women’s Aha! Camp, the beloved project of Eagle resident, Carolyn Casey. The idea sparked when her good friend mentioned she had never gone away to camp as a child. As a regular summer-camp goer herself, Casey couldn’t imagine a life without those times she cherished so deeply.

The smells, the sounds, the friendships, the adventure. Camp pulses life into the souls of youngsters, and it certainly had the same lasting effect on her. But, like so many other playful endeavors we know as children, at some point it all comes to an end and we settle into adulthood.

So, why a camp for just women?

“I am not against men, but I am for women,” Casey states, fervently, “I believe that when a woman comes to camp and fills herself up, she naturally flows over onto everyone in her life. Her partner, her children, her employees…everyone in her life is touched by the benefits of a woman who takes that time to fuel herself.”

“The energy behind camp is so different from any other type of women’s event or conference. The aha’s come in the space,” explains Casey.

Many women do have themselves on their own “to-do” list, but at the very bottom. Women feel a sense of obligation to put everyone and everything above themselves. Or perhaps feel guilty for spending time and money on being away from work or family. “I’ll go to camp for myself when the kids are older,” is not an uncommon excuse that Casey hears.

Here are a few words from some former campers:

“Like me, most of the girls were there by themselves and just as excited as I was. By the first dinner we were one big happy group; dancing, sharing stories, beverages, and laughing for hours and eating s’mores by the campfire. We enjoyed all kinds of fun events, explored our souls and learned about each other’s struggles as women. I loved everything about camp!”– Lisa Benlian

“I LOVED camp as a kid and think we miss having adventures and bonding with friends as adults because we get caught up in the work-family-life balancing act. Camp allows me to connect with past friends, meet wonderful, positive, new friends in a place where I get to be a kid again! I also take away promises for improving my life, which, in turn, promotes the lives of those around me.” – Shelli Roberson

“If I am totally honest, I had some apprehension about going to this “Women’s camp.” I made some fast friends over the weekend who have become friends for life! The camp was filled with not only fun and challenging activities and classes, but some much needed down time. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the transparency of some of the women who I consider to be very high caliber business women and pillars in our community and discovering how deep down, we are all just girls who want to have fun.” – Denise Nygard

Casey is a staple in the Eagle community and an avid tennis player, who has supported Eagle Tennis Club since before it opened in September 2016. She’s an author, a visionary, and a playtime enthusiast.

It’s time to reclaim camp! Regain our childlike zest for life!

There are two dates per year to choose from in May and September. Event details and registration are available at womensahacamp.com.

Expect a wide array of activities while attending camp, and perhaps even more importantly, enjoy the time available to just exist unscheduled, unbound, and open to connect with yourself and your most personal moments to recognize the things YOU need most in life.








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