About Eagle City Councilman Craig Kvamme

Eagle, Idaho, nestled amidst open spaces, wooded areas, and pristine access to rivers and lakes, holds a special place in the heart of Craig Kvamme. As a prominent figure in the community, he embodies the essence of a dedicated citizen committed to preserving and enhancing the city he calls home.

A Personal Connection to Eagle

Craig’s connection to Eagle runs deep, dating back to his childhood and farming years. He cherishes the city’s natural beauty and believes that its development should reflect the appreciation of open spaces and scenic vistas. In his own words, “Eagle is not just the city we live in; it’s the city we can all be proud of.”

Having lived in Eagle for a decade, Craig has cultivated numerous friendships and meaningful connections. He’s determined to honor the interests of the community members, aligning his vision with their aspirations for the city’s future.

Values Forged in Adversity

Craig’s life experiences have significantly shaped his values and decision-making process. One poignant memory from his youth stands out—a near-fatal incident that revealed the importance of helping others. Hanging precariously from the edge of an abandoned fort wall, he was saved by a boy who didn’t particularly like him. This incident instilled in Craig a profound commitment to lend assistance to anyone in need—a value he carries into his service on the Eagle City Council.

Balancing Commitments

Craig has mastered the art of balancing multiple commitments. Drawing from his experiences at the US Naval Academy, the US Navy, work at the Idaho National Laboratory, farming, and personal life, he’s learned to compartmentalize his time effectively. His structured approach helps him stay focused on daily goals, action items, and time management, ensuring that he doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Relaxation and Recharging

Outside of politics, Craig finds solace in hobbies like noon basketball and softball. Playing with friends at the YMCA and sponsoring a successful softball team brings him joy and stress relief. Additionally, he enjoys working on his property in Lowman, finding it both relaxing and fulfilling.

Inspirational Mentors

Two individuals have profoundly influenced Craig’s life. His father, Colonel Orville J. Kvamme, USAF (Ret), set a high standard of dedication to country and scientific achievement. Admiral Henry (Hank) G. Chiles, USN (Ret), his former commanding officer, demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, which Craig strives to emulate in his own endeavors. These mentors have shaped his character and approach to leadership.

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Impactful Cultural and Literary Experiences

Art has left an indelible mark on Craig, particularly the frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, a testament to human creativity and determination. In literature, Larry McMurtry’s “Lonesome Dove” resonates deeply, portraying the spirit of the old West, determination, relationships, and the enduring pursuit of dreams. In non-fiction, Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing” series and the Bible offer valuable insights, reminding him that there’s always more to learn.

Facing Adversity Head-On

Craig’s early experiences of being bullied as the new kid in school taught him a valuable lesson. He learned to confront problems at their source, quickly and decisively, a principle that guides his approach to adversity to this day.

Contributions Beyond Politics

Craig is actively involved in various community organizations, both in Eagle and Idaho Falls. He serves as the Chairman of Eagle Urban Renewal for Two Rivers Renewal Agency, Vice President of The Pointe HOA, and has been a board member of Two Rivers HOA. His dedication to charitable donations and his membership in the American Legion reflect his commitment to giving back to the community.

Craig Kvamme within Eagle City Council represents a dedication to preserving the city’s natural beauty, a commitment to helping others, and a lifetime of valuable experiences. His vision for Eagle is one of progress and pride, and his leadership reflects the values that make this community unique.


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