A Room in Bloom

Celebrating Seasonal Garden Trends at Madeline George Nursery

Article and Photography by Megan Miller

‘Jungalow’ is Madeline George Nursery’s new supercharged houseplant collection. This November the design-driven nursery will unveil its holiday boutique. Outdoors, the nursery will be filled with charming wreaths and boughs, festive décor and the spirit of the season. Inside their cozy cottage, you will find an array of gorgeous tropicals, succulents and cacti, air plants, containers, florals, and a space to make your very own green gifts. Complimentary garden classes are held weekly with workshops that follow. Sip hot cider while making special green gifts at their ‘Crafting Bar’. Inspirations range from wreath adornment to creating tiny living worlds in terrariums.

Using tropicals is an easy way to transition your home from summer to winter. When starting out on your ‘jungalow’ journey define your style. Is it ‘clean and modern’ or ‘bohemian and collected’? Start small and consider their requirements as much as your own. Plants are living and need proper care. Select plants that will be best suited for your environment.

Be open-minded when decorating with houseplants. Half the pleasure is moving them around. Create tiny vignettes with collections of itty bitty succulents and air plants. Dine in luxury with fresh clipped microgreens and sprouts. Turn your kitchen counter into a personal farmers market with healing Aloe vera and aromatic herbs.

Greenery is a credited stress reliever. By including oxygen producers like Sansevieria, Philodendron, or Pothos you literally bring your rooms to life. Consider scale and think of plants as living sculptures. Lounge beneath trailing Golden Pothos or anchor your room with a statement plant such as Monstera deliciosa. You’ll really love that shot of green on dreary winter days.

A consultation from the plant gurus at Madeline George will set you on the right path to success. Workspace is available free of charge after purchase of your new plants. Adorn your holiday ornaments with air plants, dress up wreaths, or create beautiful displays for your home with fragrant Narcissus and striking Amaryllis.

Sign up for a do-it-yourself craft night. A make and craft night is an excellent way to get friends together. Add to your holiday décor and learn to build the perfect green gift for yourself or for friends and family. Foraged materials like pinecones, pods, and nuts make a truly personalized gift.

Madeline George Garden Design and Nursery is extending its season and will be open year-round. Like plants, they have set roots and are growing. Keep an eye on the corner of Horseshoe Bend Road and Hill Road Parkway for their growing botanical collections. In the meantime, gather your design inspirations, gardening journals, wish lists, and dream garden plants. Need help flexing your green thumb? Book a consultation with a garden designer. They can help you determine how to approach your garden projects and can even design a plan for you. For more information visit www.madelinegeorge.com or call 208-995-2815.








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