ExtendaHook: A Decade-Long Journey from Inspiration to Innovation


In the quiet town of Eagle, Idaho, Cynthia Stammnitz embarked on a remarkable journey that led to the creation of ExtendaHook, a revolutionary invention that changed the way we hang items. In an exclusive interview, Cynthia shared insights into her decade-long endeavor, highlighting the inspiration, challenges, and triumphs that shaped ExtendaHook’s path to success.


The spark for ExtendaHook ignited during Ray and Cynthia’s time living in an RV while building their home. Faced with the challenge of drying clothes efficiently, she envisioned a hook that could extend like an old car antenna, offering a versatile solution for hanging various items. Cynthia’s motivation persisted through financial hurdles, with pauses in development to navigate patent expenses and manufacturing challenges.

“It came to me when I needed a solution, and I wanted it to be something simple yet transformative.”

Building an ironclad patent became a pivotal step in ExtendaHook’s journey. Cynthia’s husband, a true MacGyver, crafted an impressive prototype, setting the stage for a patent search and the subsequent patent application. Cynthia emphasizes the importance of commitment, financial resilience, and understanding the type of patent your invention requires.

“Entering the world of patents is a long-term commitment, both financially and time-wise. It’s a journey of uncertainties, but the right patent can be your key to success.”

Recognizing their strengths and limitations, Cynthia and her husband partnered with Liberty Hardware for manufacturing and distribution. Acknowledging their expertise in invention but not in the distribution process, this strategic collaboration enabled ExtendaHook to reach platforms like Amazon, Wayfair, and Build.

“Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Inventing is one thing, but getting it to market involves a different skill set.”

The journey was riddled with financial constraints, design dilemmas, branding decisions, and the complexities of selling a unique product. Cynthia’s perseverance, resilience, and self-reliance were crucial in overcoming these challenges, emphasizing the personal investment of blood, sweat, and tears.

“You can’t turn to anybody but yourself. It’s about pursuing a task and moving forward, no matter what hurdles come your way.”

Partnership with Liberty Hardware paved the way for ExtendaHook to be available on various platforms. The collaboration opened doors to potential retail giant Home Depot, marking a significant milestone. Cynthia reflects on the power of strategic partnerships and the necessity of embracing new technologies, such as social media, to showcase the product’s versatility.

“Liberty Hardware’s support has been pivotal. Embracing social media was a new chapter for me, essential to demonstrating the many uses of the hook.”

As ExtendaHook gains recognition, Cynthia envisions its widespread use in hotels, apartments, closets, bathrooms, and beyond. The patented design sets it apart, offering versatility that goes beyond conventional hooks. Cynthia also expresses her desire to give back to the community, planning to donate part of the proceeds to local charities once the investment is recovered.

“It’s not just a hook; it’s a versatile solution that will revolutionize how we hang everything. I want to make a positive impact on consumers’ lives and give back to the community.”

Cynthia Stammnitz’s journey with ExtendaHook is a testament to the transformative power of persistence, innovation, and strategic partnerships. As this innovative hook continues to gain momentum, it’s set to leave an indelible mark on the way we organize our lives.








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