Just Hanging and Being Creative in Eagle

Get creative in Eagle

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It’s no coincidence that the word “recreation” contains within it “creation.” Spring and Summer may present the ideal time to spur your creative mind, but it can be tough to break the cyclical monotony of everyday life if you don’t unlock your inner-kid and use your imagination. This Spring, let your imagination run free like wild horses and see where it takes you. Just remember that childhood living is easy to do, so don’t let it drag you away.

Fusions Glass Studio

Sign up for a glass art class at Fusions Glass Studio and unlock the splendors the world of fused glass art has to offer. Following the completion of the level one glass fusing basics course, participants are free to experiment with their own designs during open studio time or continue to develop newfound skills through more advanced, rigorous courses designed to expand the horizons of each artist. Vibrant colors combined with the glossy sheen of glass makes for a beautiful work of art that grabs the eye and, depending on what you choose to create, is functional around the house.

Finer Frames

Got sentimental knick-knacks or odds-and-ends laying around the house that you can’t figure out what to do with, but just can’t bring yourself to get rid of? With a little bit of “magic,” as owner Meg Glasgow calls it, the fine folks at Finer Frames can craft a worthy home for your most treasured trinkets, photos, antiques, and more. Better yet, Finer Frames offers a variety of classes for all different skill levels and styles, including watercolors, contemplative drawing, figure drawing and even plein air workshops. Whether you need help brushing up your watercolor skills or with an imaginative display, Finer Frames can provide the guidance you need to turn your creative inkling into a work of art.

Madeline George Garden Design and Nursery

Give your yard some lovin’ and transform your landscape of lament into a delightful profusion of colors. Even if your green thumb isn’t actually quite-so-green after all, the Madeline George team can help you create the yard of your dreams through services tailored directly to your individual needs. Just need an assist? Madeline George’s professional design team offers consultations, sketches, and estimates in addition to offering full-scale installation and construction services. The arrival of warm Spring days and cool Summer evenings means there’s no time like the present to give your yard the makeover it deserves and enjoy it before Winter creeps back up.


Maybe it’s Your Mom, or maybe it’s your Monster-in-law, but I Love Lucy. I’ve been thinking about The Confession, but by now it’s pretty clear It’s Not me, It’s You—I feel like a Million Bucks and there’s no turning back. No matter which of these refreshing drinks is your favorite or if you prefer crafting your own unique concoction, Sodalicious is redefining mixology with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of taste. Complete with sugar free options, energy drink cocktails, and even an in-house bakery, Sodalicious’ inviting patio is the ideal spot to enjoy a tasty treat for parents and kids alike this Spring.

Geeko Labs

Whether your child is interested in game development, robotics, coding, engineering, or just plain likes to tinker, Geeko Labs has the program for them. Each weekly lab session begins with a 15-minute lesson followed by an hour for students to develop real world skills while working on their individual projects facilitated by instructors. Best of all, attendance is flexible and allows for students to miss weeks or even months at a time for vacations or sports seasons, making Geeko Labs a natural fit into fun-filled Spring and Summer schedules.


Introduce your child to the wonderful world of Legos at Bricknowlogy. With the largest selection of Legos in the state of Idaho and novelty Lego customization, Bricknowlogy’s various Lego courses are an excellent way to make sure your child is learning the basic principles of design and engineering and, more importantly, having fun doing it. Complete with courses designed for all skill levels, ages and interests, Bricknowlogy is a mag-brick-icent way to keep your kids engaged in learning over Summer break. 

Orange Leaf

No matter what age you are, it’s hard to go wrong with customizing your own delicious froyo treat. Options ranging from healthy to sugar-coma-inducing make Orange Leaf a great spot for both parents and kids to mix it up. Complete with smoothies, fresh daily house-made waffle cones and froyo cakes, Orange Leaf’s countless unconventional flavors—from Belgian waffle with maple syrup to blueberry banana—leave little need for the imagination at this Eagle gem.

Whether your creative spirit is fueled by taking on projects around the house, crafting works of art to be cherished forever, or living vicariously through your kids’ unabashed imagination, remember to let that spirit run free every once in a while. I don’t care what The Rolling Stones say, maybe getting dragged away every now and again isn’t such a bad thing, after all.








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